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Dylan Farrow General Psychology 1
In this paper I would like to describe this “big 5 project personality test” and how it made me feel or react in some way. This test was a good one because it had so many different varieties of questions it has to ask you it really does make you think about a lot of stuff. Like how well of a person you truly are or rather if you’re the kind of person who is not caring or which and it really had me going, more of actually thinking rather than just answer a simple question about my own self.
As it showed the first categories of closed minded and open to new experiences. It showed me as a closed minded person. Now that ive done the test and ive realized what kind of person I am and for it to say or label me as a closed minded person I could do no arguing because of the answers ive chose and I picked those to as me or describing me. If I wouldn’t have taken this test I would have thought that I was always up for something just to get out of my old poor boring routine during the week. I would only guess that my weekend vibes are way more daring and open to new experiences because of my surrounding buddies and what we do.
The next category it gives me were the two of the following, disorganized and conscientious. These two are defiantly not of my vocabulary or in any of my every day words, but now it has become usual for me because I am labeled as disorganized or pointed more over towards that side if you say. Now this category has brought so much shock to me because as ive gone through my school years and everything else I would have figured that I would have been a more upkeep guy because I can defiantly tell you where everything is in my house, or my truck, or even my backpack. Since ive realized this ive got to defiantly get more organized or use better techniques on how to well better myself at organizing. I have no clue where to start on it, but if the results are as clear as my test then I feel like if I just look id be amazed at how unorganized I was…. Or maybe not.
Another topic it gives us that I was not so shocked about the results just because of how I am as a person and how others would describe me such as my friends, family, or...

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