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Visual Text: Billy Elliot Essay – Character Changes 1
Analyse visual techniques used to show changes in a main character or individual in the text you have studied AND why these changes were important to the text as a whole
Various visual techniques were used in the film Billy Elliot to show changes in Billy Elliot, the main character in the film. The techniques name them showed Billy change from being a young, potential ballet dancer to a professional ballet dancer through his education at the Royal Ballet School. Other changes shown include the transition from Billy living in a low-class to a middle-class society, and the change in location from a small town named Everington to the large city of London. Good detail here Visual techniques shown in the film reflected these changes which were important in the overall development of Billy’s ballet dancing skills.
Billy’s development in ballet dancing was first shown by his gifted physical abilities. This was evident from a close-up of what? shot of Billy bouncing on the bed in his bedroom. His ability to jump high showed that Billy was physically able to meet the demands of ballet dancing. Billy’s development of what? however was inhibited by him being raised in a poor and low-class society, suggested by the slow motion filming of the need to explain this The society that Billy lived in was shown through the visual technique of the close-up shot of the wallpaper on the walls of Billy’s house. Explain what it looks like/what the purpose of this shot is This negative factor? was important for the change that Billy wanted to have in receiving professional ballet lessons instead of casual ballet lessons.? In order to achieve this, his family would have to give up all of their valuable possessions in exchange for a chance for Billy to realise his goal of training in the Royal Ballet School. The risk involved in doing this made Billy’s journey to become professionally trained even more difficult. Billy had to overcome the problem of living in a poor and low-class society in order to change. The change was important because it would help Billy to achieve his goal in auditioning for the Royal Ballet School. The second half of this paragraph is confusing. You need to take each separate example and technique and say how it showed change. For example close up of Billy’s face when jumping on the bed compared to close up of Billy’s face at end when just about to go on stage. Now explain the change and how it connects to the text as a whole.
Billy managed to overcome this problem by proving to his father that his talent was strong enough to take this risk. This was shown in the scene wh...


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