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Mohammed Abdulaziz
Andrew Carnegie: a Captain of Industry
Andrew Carnegie was born on November 25th of 1835 in Scotland. He was born to a handloom weaver and moved to the United States of America when Carnegie was at the age of 13. As soon as his family had settled in the United States of America, he was sent to work immediately. He worked many jobs however there was really only one job that had majorly impacted Carnegie’s life. When he worked a job under a man named Thomas Scott, he learned many vital things that would come to his aid in his future. He was later promoted by Thomas Scott and started making investments with his earnings. Through his earning in his investments he spent much of his time finding new ways to make more money. One of the many things he built in order for him to earn a lot more money was creating a bridge that connected the Mississippi river. At the time, that would be the biggest bridge ever built. However for that to happen he needed money and a material stronger than iron. He turned towards steel, which at the time could only be produced in small quantities. What Carnegie needed was a lot of steel for a cheap price, which didn’t exist at the time. Through extensive research, Carnegie had found the bessemer process which had vastly decreased the time it took to make steel and made it more efficient. The bridge is just one of the many uses Carnegie’s steel had been used for. Carnegie’s steel at the was used to make one of the first skyscrapers in Chicago. In order for his...

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