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Biography On The Poet Walt Whitman

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Walt Whitman was a poet of the mid to late 1800's, he celebrated what was possible and never met a word that he didn't like or couldn't use. Whitman often writes about the middle class hardworking man and woman. In "I Hear America Singing" he creates an image of people singing although he did not actually hear or see those people He writes that every man has his own song, and each man or woman accomplishes something at the end of the day. Then after a hard days work he writes, "at night the party of young fellows, robust, friendly. Singing with open mouths their strong and melodious songs."If Whitman were to come back to witness the society that we live ...view middle of the document...

It is also a chance for you to make, sell or perform a skill with a quality worth the price and time you spent on it. If you do enter a profession where you will gain substantial amounts of money there is a right and wrong way to live with plenty of wealth.The class of people who live lavishly and to excess does not make up a significant amount of our population but this lifestyle is the style in which many model their lives after to achieve. There is a more normal class of people; those who make moderate amounts of money and can afford a reasonable lifestyle make up a more substantial amount of our population. These people often perform a skill that produces an end product of value and quality. With the advancement of technology and mechanization the value of many products has increased but in turn the amount of jobs for people has decreased. So, there is a large competition for jobs in America's economy, but this competition is not always bad because it causes an increase in importance.If Walt Whitman were to return he would view a competitive society that can sometimes flaunt their money; but also a society that cares about what they do as a living. Money or material things might overshadow our spirit of goodness but underneath it all we are doing our best to survive. We remain optimistic about advancements in technology and health because we really do care about others although sometime it's covered under a blanket of pessimism.

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