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Gonzalez Case Study
Tony L. Thomas
Union University HBSE II
Luz Gonzalez: Early Adolescent, Age 13
Biological Influences
The early adolescence stage can be one of the most challenging times in a child’s life. Luz is encountering numerous different changes in his body that are influencing his growth. Biologically I believe that Luz is developing at a healthy pace of growth but other biological changes like puberty could be affecting him, causing him to become more withdrawn than usual.
Psychological Influences
Due to emotional unrest and instability Luz is undergoing psychological challenges. He has become very inactive in class and does not interact with his classmates. Luz evaluates himself in reflection of his peers due to his mental activities during this development phase. Adolescents gain new awareness of themselves and others as they mature. (Steinburg & Morris, 2001) Luz acts shy due to him becoming embarrassed about himself. To avoid rejection Luz distances himself from his peers. Although Luz is a smart child his low self-esteem is psychologically hurting his academic achievements.
Social Influences
Luz is at the age where he prefers to spend more time with his peer groups. At this stage of development there are certain roles that youth play through firm social rules. Youth learn to control their emotions to fit into whatever group they best relate to and to avoid rejection. (Steinburg & Morris, 2001) The Gonzalez family does not have the finances to fund after school programs, so Luz is not able to participate, which could improve his social acceptance. After school his social groups are confined to mostly his older brothers or grandparents. Hector was recently diagnosed with ADHD and Jose dropped out of school in the 10th grade. Due to Luz being the youngest his older brothers have a huge impact on him. He possibly could feel the need to follow in Jose’s footsteps and drop out of school. Hector having ADHD could be bothering Luz, also not being around his adequate age group could cause him to feel insecure due him being the baby which turns into negative feeling causing him to be withdrawn.
Cultural Influences
Cultural backgrounds play a vital role in integration to social setting. Due to Luz’s mother and father being from immigrant families he was raised by a certain set of values and traditions. Those values and traditions possibly could be difficult to understand by an outside source. His mother emigrated from Mexico and his father’s family immigrated from Columbia so they both possess different culture guidelines than your typical American born youth. His classmates could discriminate against him just because he is different. Social behavior is a subset of human behavior therefore behavior is impacted by certain...

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