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Biology 30: Module 3: Lesson 6
Module 3: Lesson 6 ASsignment
This Module 3: Lesson 6 Assignment is worth 20 marks. The value of each assignment and each question is stated in the left margin.
(20 Marks)
Lesson 6 Assignment: Male Hormones
(10 marks)
Examine the data in the table below. Graph this data using a line graph that you think is most appropriate. If possible, copy your graph into the answer space provided. If that is not possible, discuss submission options with your teacher.
Normal Blood Testosterone Levels in Males
Age (years)
Blood Testosterone Level (ng/dL)
1 to 7.9
8 to 10.9
11 to 11.9
12 to 13.9
14 to 17.9
18 to 29
(2 marks)
Extrapolate the graph to include ages 30 to 70 years of age.
(1 mark)
Based on the data, at what age does puberty begin? Mark this point on your graph.
Based on the information provided from the above graph, puberty begins at the ages of 8-11 years old.
(3 marks)
Use print or Internet resources to research the physiological changes that take place during male puberty. Write a brief description of the changes that are associated with changing levels of testosterone. Identify which of these changes are directly related to reproductive function.
Physiological changes that occur during puberty in boys include, broadening of the chest and shoulders as the levels of testosterone increase, deepening of the voice and appearance of facial hair, the levels of testosterone are again increasing. The appearance of body hair ...

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