Biology IA Idea, Toothpaste Experiment - Grade 12 - Internal Assessment

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The Effect of Toothpastes with Different Antibacterial Ingredients on the Inhibition of Bacteria.
Research Question
How do different toothpastes —colgate, pepsodent, sensodyne, elmex, and aquafresh with different antibacterial ingredients affect the inhibition of bacteria?
Background Information
The aim is to explore different antibacterial ingredients by observing the zone of inhibition of bacteria caused by different brands of toothpastes.
Independent variable: The different types of toothpaste —colgate, pepsodent, sensodyne, elmex, and aquafresh
Dependent variable: The zone of inhibition of bacteria (area
Controlled variables:
1. Incubation time
2. Amount of toothpaste
3. Size of pit
4. Temperature of incubator
5. Media
Materials and Apparatus
· 1x 25 ml Colgate tube
· 1x 25 ml Pepsodent
· 1x 25 ml Sensodyne
· 1x 25 ml Elmex
· 1x 25 ml Aquafresh
· 1x 10 ml Nutrient broth solution
· 1x 500ml Distilled water
· 1x 9.2g Agar powder
· 1x Incubator (keep constant temperature)
· 5x Sterile cotton swabs
· 1x conical flasks
· 5x sterile petri dish
· 1x Inoculate loop
· 1x Bunsen burner
· 1x Gauze
· 1x Tripod
· Adhesive tape
· 1x Marker
· Autoclave
· 1x Stirring rod
1. Sterilize all petri dishes, conical flask, thermometer and stirring rod in an autoclave or by placing them in a bath of boiling water. Prevents contamination and kills all unwanted microorganisms.
2. Clean bench with disinfectant solution, this will kill microorganisms that could contaminate the experiment.
3. Measure 9.2g of agar powder and 500ml distilled water in a conical flask, and hold the flask above a flame whilst constantly stirring the mixture while heating.
4. Boil the mixture fo...

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