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JOURNAL: Biosecurity and the international response to HIV/AIDS: governmentality, globalisation and security -This article is about the issue of HIV/AIDS being addressed on an international level. It is also about HIV/AIDS relation to concerns of globalisation and security. The article considers biosecurity and international response in terms of problematization and institutionalisation. (PRINTED) Ingram, A. (2010). Biosecurity and the international response to HIV/AIDS: Governmentality, globalisation and security. Area,42(3), 293-301.
JOURNAL: Biosecurity and Research: Minimizing Adverse Impacts – In this article, biosecurity research is the main focus. They are concerned with actions being taken relating to biosecurity and the impacts of them. Whether or not more security for a specific biological agent is required is a topic in this article as well. (EMAIL) Gaudioso, J., & Salerno, R. (2004). Biosecurity and Research: Minimizing Adverse Impacts. Science, 304(5671), 687-687.
JOURNAL: The Development of an Exposure Risk Index as a Rational Guide for Biosecurity Programs - This article includes how biosecurity programs and disease control measures can be directed at those areas of greatest risk. The article includes information of animals being vulnerable to disease reservoirs. Risk analyses are sets of tools to support biosecurity decision making in systematic ways. (PRINTED) Halvorson, D., & Hueston, W. (2006). The Development of an Exposure Risk Index as a Rational Guide for Biosecurity Programs Avian Diseases, 50(4), 516-519.
JOURNAL: Biosecurity's unruly spaces -This article is about the geopolitics of the animal health governance. South Africa is faced with a biosecurity event in their pig sector. This article’s case is one that is defined not by differences between nations but one by a complex patchwork of secure and unruly spaces. (PRINTED) MATHER, C., & MARSHALL, A. (2011). Biosecurity's unruly spaces. The Geographical Journal, 177(4), 300-310
JOURNAL: Biosecurity: Moving toward a Comprehensive Approach- It states in the article how a comprehensive approach to biosecurity is necessary to minimize the risk of harm caused by non-native organisms to agriculture. This also includes the economy, the environment, and human health. Also does a good job of defining biosecurity. A comprehensive approach to biosecurity is necessary to minimize the risk of harm caused by non-native organisms to agriculture, the economy, the environment, and human health. (EMAIL) Laura A. Meyerson, Jamie K. Reaser; Biosecurity: Moving toward a Comprehensive Approach BioScience, Volume 52, Issue 7, 1 July 2002, Pages 593–600
JOURNAL: Survey of Biosecurity Protocols and Practices Adopted by Growers on Commercial Poultry Farms in Georgia, U. S. A. - It states in the...

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