Birth Control Should Be Provided For Free By The Government De Anza College / Esl 273 Essay

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Agree or disagree: Birth control should be provided for free by the government
Good for Life
When it comes to the issue of birth control, most of us will agree that it helps us control the time to have children. However, in 2017, the Trump administration rolled back protections of the Affordable Care Act which increased women’s access to a wide range of contraceptives without paying out of pocket. The new rules allow employers to decline to pay for birth control and make female employees lose their contraceptive coverage. I totally disagree with this decision. In my opinion, birth control should be provided for free by the government because it brings health benefits to mothers and children, increases chances for female students to gain an education and chances for employment.
Mothers and children can get health benefits from contraception. Senator Patty Murray, Democrat of Washington, agrees with this opinion when saying that “birth control is about being healthy and financially secure”. The most important role of birth control is to help women avoid being pregnant if they are not ready. The more ability a woman has to access contraception, the better she can prepare for her pregnancy. For example, she has healthy food and daily vitamins as well as keeps away from smoking and drinking; therefore, her child can be healthy. In opposite, if birth control is not accessible due to high cost, women will take the risk of having unplanned childbearing. Thus, they do not have good prenatal care and might drink or use street drugs during their pregnancies, which increases the risk of children being born preterm or at a low weight. Moreover, unexpected mothers easily get stressed because of the pressure from their family, their friends and themselves. Low-income women will need help from public insurance such as Medicare and other aids like financial aid and food stamps for the reason that raising a child in America is very expensive. They do not have enough money and skills to raise their children who have to grow up in a bad environment and are not brought up in a good way. Therefore, birth control for free is a good way to insure maternal and child heal...


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