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Please read this Electronic Notice Disclosure and Consent (the “Consent”) carefully and retain a copy for your reference.
Citizens Bank and Citizens One are brand names of Citizens Bank, N.A. (“Citizens”). In this agreement, "we", "us" and
"our" mean Citizens and "you" and "your" means each account holder, product owner and/or service user identified on an
account, product or service.
This Consent contains important information about how we will deliver all disclosures, notices, terms and conditions,
communications or other documents (collectively, “Notices”) related to the provision of student lending services (the
“Service”). This Consent covers each and every account, product, loan or service we offer that you apply for, own, use,
administer or access using this site (whether by the Internet, a website, e-mail, messaging services and/or software
applications through a computer or mobile device) either now or in the future. When you obtain or use a product or
service to which this Consent applies, you agree that we may provide you with any Notice in electronic format, and that
we may discontinue sending paper Notices to you, unless and until you withdraw your consent as described below. We
may also use electronic signatures and obtain them from you as part of our transaction with you.
Receiving Notices Electronically. Notices may be delivered to you electronically through our website. We will provide
Notices when you apply for a loan from us, and, if you receive a loan, during the life of such loan. We will also post
Notices on the Citizens website or online application with appropriate notification to you as permitted by applicable law.
We will consider your acceptance of this Consent as your confirmation of receipt of this Consent. You understand and
agree that your mailing address, e-mail address and other account information may not change during the account
opening process. We may always, in our sole discretion, provide you with any Notice in paper form, even if you have
chosen to receive it electronically.
Updating Your Contact Information. You must have an active e-mail address in order to use the Service. You must
promptly notify us of any change in your e-mail address or other contact information. You may change your e-mail
address on record by logging in to your account and updating your contact information. You may also notify us by calling
02940-2124. If you fail to update or change...

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