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Black Swan A Questions And Answers

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Curtis BrownBlack Swan Records AssignmentExercise 1African Americans in the Entertainment BusinessWhat did it mean for an African American to be a professional entertainer in the first two decades of the twentieth century?It seems that both songs seemed to talk of the hardships endured by African Americans during the early 20th century but the Text: Bert Williams, "The Comic Side of Trouble" (1918) seems to talk of the singer be so disillusioned by what he was forced to sing day after day like the music he had sung was more like a punishment. It ...view middle of the document...

African American Comedian Burt Williams though was able to reach both African Americans and whites by just using universal communication such as humor he wwas remembered as strictly as a comedian who tried to did nto hide messeages or have a sub context.Teaching the ArticleExercise 2Music, Sound, and RaceWhat ideas are brought to discussions of black music and of race in music? Why did African Americans dedicate Harry Pace to recording so many different kinds of music, even though blues records paid Black Swan's bills?Harry Pace attempted to diversify they many types of music that Black swan distributed due to this reasoning that was popular during the turn of the century "Africans and their descendants were biologically inferior to other humans, so their music must belong to a distinct, inferior class. If they produced high-quality recordings of black artists performing European-style music would change people's opinions. Originally their plan was to produce blues to sustain the company then to release a more serious classical album that would be liked by all thus being recognized as art; making African Americans a respectable people. Though this was not the case due to the astounding speed that musical fads change no including the changing social climate for Americans.

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