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For my film critique assignment, I decieded to write about a movie I watched over the weekend, this is a foreign movie from Japan. The film is called Bleach. The film is a live action adaptation of the popular Japanese anime/ manga seriesby Tite Kubo. The manga lasted from August 2001 to August 2016 with 74 volumes and 686 chapters. The manga sold over 120 million copies and makes it number 6 best-selling manga of all time. The anime came out in Japan from 2004 to 2012 with 16 seasons and 366 episodes. Bleach has released 4 animated movies in theaters. And this year the live action movie of Bleach came out on July 20, 2018 in Japanese theaters and release in North America this month on the 14th on Netflix.
The movie starts with Ichigo walking in the rain with his mom when he was nine years old. He spots a little girl by herself and goes to help her. It turns out that she’s a demon in disguise aka a hollow, the hollow attacks him and kills his mother. This sets the stage for where we open on to present day 15 year old Ichigo who is being taunted by three bullies and easily beats them up. In addition, makes them apologize to a ghost child. Right away I admire on how with the fighting skills, the established on the physics in the real world similar to the anime than to the art of reality. This shows how everything about this movie, from the dialogue and performances to way it is feels like an anime. I am not saying that it is impossible, but I personally have not seen a super realistic and dramatic live action adaptation based off an anime series that is lift up to its name and reputation.
I was so blown away by the casting choices. The person who portrayed Ichigo looks exactly like him and did a fabulous job on portraying the lead protagonist. I find it unique on how the show him with black hair as a kid and orange hair as a teenager. The same goes for the rest of the cast as well. The director of the film Shinsuke Sato did an amazing job casting the other characters for this live action adaptation. In the film, I actually liked the way they presented that animated slideshow to introduce people who have and haven’t seen the anime to the characters. For example, Ichigo having the ability to see ghost spirits. To be honest, it was a very clever and brilliant idea.
After Ichigo returns home, a young female Samurai Soul Reaper aka a Shinigami named Rukia immediately appears when his family is attacked by a hollow. In a life or death situation, Rukia gives half of her Shinigami powers to Ichigo transforming him into a Shinigami , so he can save everyone. Also considering that the anime spanned for 8 years, 16 season and 366 episodes in total the movie does the good job on covering a good amount of the story in a decent pace. They chose specific scenes to be highly faithful to the anime, while finding clever ways to stitch other parts together....

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