Blinding Lights The Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Fame Anthropology Essay

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FAME AND POPULARITY: Blinding lights Williams 1
FAME AND POPULARITY: Blinding lights Williams 7
NOVEMBER 16, 2017
Becoming famous or gaining popularity is a beautiful thing. But it is also extremely hard to maintain. The side effects may have a positive or a negative outcome, depending on your actions towards certain situations. Along with the change in your life style, the three themes of adaption, addiction and the lure of adoration are the tests that simply make or break you. In the latest research on this theory, the findings are that this specific life style starts off well in the beginning but ends off terrible. Most celebrities either end up in rehab, are diagnosed with a mental illness disorder or have passed away due to the circumstances of being famous. The life style is filled with lies and secrets that are covered up by the luxuries that come alongside it. This causes people to want to stay throughout the negative aspects even though they know that it is not right.
Much of our self perception is based on the reflection in the eyes that surround us. It begins to become excruciating to maintain a distinct perspective, when what is being projected is what society believes you want to hear and see. If the truth is not displayed, you begin to doubt what and who is authentic including yourself. Research shows that fame and popularity changes a person’s life forever, and that it is in fact an overnight transition rather than a gradual process. Possessing fame and popularity will leave you well off, until the negative blinding lights of the two contradict your entire mental state. Along with living the dream, comes a growing sense of addiction, adaption and acceptance which causes a person to develop a kind of character-splitting between the “ famous self “ and the “authentic self”.
The lure of adoration assists in burying the hidden secrets of being famous, which causes people to ignore any forms of red flags that will tamper with their mind set of fame. Being vulnerable is a common affect of being famous. Listening to others who have been in the business longer, tends to make people develop a trust between them. Being a beginner in the world of fame causes the belief that they do not know any better than others who are more experienced. The expert teaches the power that they have over the society. The drastic change in wealth, adoration, special treatment and opportunities. ( Donna Rockwell) Developing these aspects are enlightening until eventually, the people who adore the celebrity evoke mistrust. There is always a part of the conscience that asks the question as to why certain people are suddenly changing their ways towa...


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