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When I first came to college, I noticed many differences between college and high school. The one difference that became the most obvious to me was the dating scene. During my high school years I had a very different understanding of dating. My definition for dating used to be a very narrow one. However, after experiencing my first semester at college my definition of that word has changed greatly. Therefore, the way that I understand the concept of dating has also changed. This report will talk about the ways in which my perspective on dating has changed and also on the differences between high school dating and college dating.High School Dating vs. College DatingThroughout my high sch ...view middle of the document...

At my high school, there would be so many times that I would hear conversations about dating. However, sometimes these discussions sounded more like a questionnaire. The girls at my school were very nosy and tried to get as much information about other girls’ relationships as they possibly could. If a girl was dumb enough to give out too much information to her so called “friends,” it was then expected for gossip and rumors to spread around. News traveled so fast that in some cases, it even amazed me. Once someone’s relationship ended, everyone found out about this also. Instead of asking the person what happened and why it ended, people assumed what they wanted and passed these assumptions onto others which created even more gossip. I can honestly say that my high school was a place that exuded unnecessary drama.Once I came to UIC, dating seemed very different than what it was in high school. In college, “do you want to go out” is merely a simple invitation to test out the waters. When a guy says those words to a girl, he means just what he has said. He doesn’t say those words to the girl with the intentions of beginning a relationship with her but instead as a way of getting to know her, that is if she accepts. But if she rejects his invitation, it’s not a big deal; the guy moves on and asks other girls whom he’s also interested in getting to know more. That is the reason as to why some college students go on dates with more than one person. They don’t do it to brag about the numbers of people that they date, but instead to find the person who would be the most suitable for them. College is filled with such diverse individuals and because of this students should go on dates before jumping into a serious relationship with the person of their liking.Another thing I noticed at UIC is that college dating is much more private than what it is in high school. In h...


Essay On Gender And Sexuality

1270 words - 6 pages Gender and Sexuality on so Many Levels When the word sexuality or gender are brought up in a conversation, there is always that one person in the group that all of a sudden gets that uncomfortable feeling, and begins to shy away to the corner. Why, do we, as a society and a culture, let ourselves be so confused; and unsure when it comes to these subjects. Are we really that uncomfortable about who we are, and what and what not to do to stay

Gender and Sexuality in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night - USI and Shakespeare - Essay

2012 words - 9 pages Burger, LIT 319 20 April 2017 Gender, Sexuality, and Shakespeare In the Elizabethan era, the time period in which Shakespeare wrote his plays, the cultural outlook on gender was very black and white. Actions and attitudes were either seen as masculine or feminine. Women were to be patient, silent, and obedient. Men, on the other hand, were strong, courageous, and bold. Defining these gendered roles also made it easier for an audience to

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1404 words - 6 pages Gender and Sexuality in Look Back in Anger and Top Girls INTRO John Osbourne was born on December 12, 1929 in West London to Thomas Godfrey Osborne, a commercial artist and advertising copywriter, and Nellie Beatrice Grove, a barmaid. He was their only son. He had a relatively normal childhood until his father died of tuberculosis in 1942, when Osbourne was only 12 years old. Though exact reasons were not known, John hated his mother. A fact

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833 words - 4 pages ‘Intersectionality’ – my body in gauteng - job market I am a black woman born and - for 12years - raised in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal by both parents. My family moved to Gauteng, the big city, over 10years ago where I was raised by my mother as a single parent after my father’s passing. I have throughout my life attended a private school where I was in the minority in a black majority country. However, this ‘helped’ me develop a lovely white accent

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704 words - 3 pages estamos aquí. Ixcanul es una película que creo que emplea a la perfección el uso de sonidos y el silencio para retratar los sentimientos de la protagonista María. · I affirm that I have upheld the highest principles of honesty and integrity in my academic work and have not witnessed a violation of the Honor Code.

Overcoming Gender Roles in the Hunger Games - Aurora High School/English - Essay

1160 words - 5 pages Overcoming Gender Barriers in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins       Gender barriers are societal norms that are dictate the types of behaviors that people do based on their actual or perceived gender or sexuality. Gender barriers limit people throughout their lives. Gender barriers and stereotypes can cause some women to never try woodworking, construction or auto shop. This can happen because women are perceived as clean and sometimes not

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2180 words - 9 pages sexuality and gender; it also explores the history and current status of gender in America. The very basics described at the beginning of the documentary such as blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Boys play with trucks and football, and girls play house and with dolls. Even the “proper” way men and women are supposed to sit is described. The Gender Revolution explains the difference between gender and sex, that your genitalia does not dictate

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996 words - 4 pages (2018). Retrieved June 14, 2018, from Gary, J., Jacobsen, G., (Producer) & (Director). (2005). Modify [Motion Picture]. United States: Committed Films LLC. DeMello, M. (2004). Inked. Tattoos and Body Art Around the World, A-L(2), 59-63. Johncock, W. (2012). Modifying the Modifier. Journey for the Theory of Social Behavior, 42(3), 241-251. Vogel, S. (2005).  Themed Symposium: Female Genital Cutting. Culture, Health & Sexuality, 7(5), 505-507. Retrieved from

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1315 words - 6 pages Free throughout the streets of Vienna. In addition, these laws supported abstemiousness and reinforced justice. However, in stark contrast to these expectations, Duke Vincentio's enforcement of law allowed for leniency rather than severe repercussions. The themes of sexuality, morality and gender stereotyping intertwine to highlight the idea that rules are both able and unable to contain and regulate certain aspects of human urges and natural instincts

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2004 words - 9 pages ‘Post Feminism’ has become one of the most fundamental, yet contested notions in feminist and cultural studies. Post feminism has no fixed meaning, and the term is used variously and more frequently contradictorily to signal a historical shift towards the female gender. Post feminism is mainly located in the academic context of television and cultural studies, in the media context of popular culture and within consumer culture. Post feminism is

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728 words - 3 pages view men and women today. For example, in superheroes movies, from recent studies, we have noticed that the media is consciously or not, spreading words concerning gender inequality between males and females in this society. First, women are underrepresented, and hyper-sexualized. Talking about sexuality, we are seeing on television, magazines women half naked, pretending to be helpless, or in need of something, and men around the model or actor

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3714 words - 15 pages has become more liberal and open in the public domain. As modern and forward the society might be, sex and sexuality is still an issue that is not easy to broach. More often than not, when there are discussions about sex and/or sexuality in popular culture, it is featured with comedic undertones or perpetuating stereotypes regarding the issue or come across as being preachy. Viewers hardly get anything out of it because it is either laughed off

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632 words - 3 pages Free ’ based on heteronormativity and relation to men. Because of this, her argument is to eliminate the binary. Lastly, Lugones historically documents that gender did not exist before colonialism and therefore, women only possess gender if they are white, colonizing, civilized humans. In her view, the study of gender also needs to be the study of race, class, sexuality etc. All three of these feminist writers have different ideas of what defines a woman

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2425 words - 10 pages a type of analysis that can be seen through almost all gender, women, and sexuality studies. Intersectionality allows social categorizations such as race, class, gender, sexuality, age, and abilities to become interconnected and applied to a given individual or group. Within intersectionality, these socially constructed categories are considered to be mutually constitutive. What this means is that one person can experience a number of these

Physical Development in Middle Adulthood - University of Phoenix - Essay

1065 words - 5 pages but were not limited to health issues, sexuality, cultural diversity and it’s affect on the health of the individual, and even the stages of men and women’s biggest changes known as menopause and climacteric. While the body is constantly changing and no one individual is the same as the other it is important to be informed of the physical changes that can happen at this stage in life. We hope that you have found this paper to be informative as well as entertaining. REFERENCES Zastrow, C. H. (2015). Biological Aspects of Young (8th ed.). : West, J. M. (2000, May). . An introduction to cultural differences.