BOJ Reading Guide, From CRS 368 Rhetorical Study Of Social Change Movement - Syracuse University - Essay

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BOJ Lens:
· Agitation- occurs when a group has grievances that aren’t being solved/need to challenge social order
· Establishment- anyone who can make decisions and enforce them
· Ex: government, schools, media, police
· What are normal means of protests?
· Letters, voting, press, coverage
· Two kinds of agitation
· Vertical deviance – accept the value system of the establishment but dispute the distribution of benefits or power within that value system
· Liberal, want a piece of the pie
· Ex: police brutality– get rid of the bad apples
· Lateral deviance- when agitators dispute the value system itself
· Radical, this pie sucks, we want a new one
· Ex: police brutality- get rid of the police, harder to sell
· Strategies of agitation
· Petition- ask nicely
· Every movement goes through this in order to be credible
· Promulgation- tactics to win social support, tactics include informational (picketing, posters, etc.), exploitation of mass media
· Seek legitimizer –people with authority
· Stage newsworthy events
· Solidification- to unite followers
· Shared plays, songs, art, poetry, slogans, symbols =creation of a culture
· Polarization- assume that people who aren’t with you, are against you
· Ex: abortion- everyone has an opinion
· Nonviolent resistance- agitators do/break the law to show what it would happen if it changes the way they want it to
· Involves persistence
· Automatic moral high ground
· Escalation/confrontation- ...

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