Book Report For "With No One As Witness" By Elizabeth George

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When the naked body of a dead young boy is found mutilated and artfully arranged on top of a tomb, it opens up a whole can of worms for the Metropolitan Police Force of London, because it turns out that this is just the latest in a string of similar murders. The thing is that the previous victims had been either African American or of mixed race and had been written off as gang-related killings. This latest victim, however, is white and is inviting a whole lot of interest. Hoping to contain the accusations of racism and cruelty, AC Hillier appoints acting Detective Superintendent Thomas Lynley to the case, assigning him newly promoted Detective Winston Nkata (window dressing in Hiller's mind for the public as Nkata is off Jamaican background) and allowing Lynley to keep fiery Detective Constable Barbara Havers on the team. Everyone quickly realizes that they have a serial killer on their hands. As they race to discover how many prior victims there were and identify them, and to try to establish a pattern of sorts that would give them a clue as to the killer's modus operandi, Lynley also has to contend with Hiller's need to direct the investigation and his desire that Lynley and his team cooperate with the newspapers. As the killings continue to mount, and as the police officers race to get a result, things take an unexpected and explosive turn, one that perhaps neither Lynley nor Havers will ever recover from...I thought that this was a great book. It was compelling and dark and it was impossible to put down. This book was well-crafted and very informing. You can tell that the author did a lot of research on the subject itself, and that the characters were very well developed. Elizabeth George did a great job of weaving a complex plot, the lives of the characters and the essence of London into her story. This book is a mystery-thriller book and it keeps you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. It was an absorbing read that no one should miss. I would recommend this book to people who are interested in investigations and solving crimes, but anyone would enjoy it.


1984 By George Orwell - Book Report

1011 words - 5 pages fingers of his left hand, with the thumb concealed.'There are five fingers there. Do you see five fingers?''Yes.'And he did see them, for a fleeting instant, before the scenery of his mind changed. He saw five fingers, and there was no deformity. Then everything was normal again, and the old fear, the hatred and the bewilderment came crowding back again. But there had been a moment - he did not know how long, thirty seconds, perhaps - of luminous

"Ceremony" by Leslie Silko Book Report

549 words - 3 pages instinces that I know what Tayo is seeing is completely impossible aIn Ceremony one must decide why and how the women's perspective is of importance. I believe the reason the women's view is to put a different perspective upon everything that goes on in the book, as compared with the perspective of Tayo. There are two women in the book who put their perspective into the story, one of them is the elderly mistress of Josiah and the other one is

This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen Book Report - Sonoma Valley High/English - Book Report

506 words - 3 pages he’s hurt by it because he thinks that Remy doesn’t really care for him as much as he cares for her, so they break up. Remy starts dating a perfect guy, but she is constantly thinking about Dexter. While Remy is dealing with her emotions, everyone around her is having problems of their own and she feels so alone because the only person she want to talk to is Dexter. She realizes she screwed up and she apologizes to Dexter, after breaking up with

A Slender Thread by Diane Ackerman - Book Report/Clovis Community - Book Report

618 words - 3 pages A Slender Thread The short story “A Slender Thread” by Diane Ackerman is a very interesting story. This is an absolutely wonderful story that perfectly mixes the dark times of human crisis with the beautiful natural world, and seems to create a deep dynamic and extensive view of the nature of humans and our undoubtable links with the selves we have forgotten. Mostly about suicide, it talks about a telephone operator for a hotline for people who

This is a report on the book "Gorgias" by Plato

520 words - 3 pages In the book "Gorgias" by Plato the concept of ethics is discussed. Gorgias is a professor of oratory. In the book Gorgias and Socrates are having dinner with some friends. Socrates believes that proper knowledge leads to proper conduct. He also thinks that "One should avoid wrong doing with more care than being done wrong," and that wrong doers must suffer for there actions. He believes that oratory is not an art form.Oratory is the process of

Book Report On "The Cherry Orchard" By Anton Chekov

794 words - 4 pages lives with another family. Lopakhin is leaving for Kharkov. Gaev and Lyuba embrace each other while saying goodbye to their home. Everyone leaves. Only Firs, an old manservant, returns from the hospital and is forgotten after he is left behind because no one is at the estate.Lopakhin is an interesting character because he is ruthless but seems friendly. His ancestors are peasants, and Lyuba's family oppresses them. Therefore, Lopakhin wants all the

Sharp objects by Glillian Flynn themes - English - Book report

1008 words - 5 pages poisoning her because she wanted to take care of her which is later revealed in the book. This is all shown when Camille thinks her mother is done mourning over Marian by taking her into town and playing with her but once they get back home Camille says that “she’d trail off to her room like an unfinished sentence, and I would sit outside with my face pressed against the door and replay the day in my head , searching for clues to what I'd done to

COMPLETE Book Report On The Book Dandelion Wine By Ray Bradbury

2499 words - 10 pages him and roll around. They stopped for a moment and Doug realized that that was what his feeling was. He thought "I am alive" as if her were realizing it for the first time. They wrestle a little more and realized his father and Tom planned it all. Doug started to feel the way his father did and lead the way back home.Doug is by his grandfathers house and his grandfather is going to give the children 10 cents per barrel of Dandelions they pick

"1984" By George Orwell - The Following Talks About How Orwell Wrote His Book To Show Us The Evils Of Totalitarianism

3359 words - 14 pages agreement with the Party's agenda. He notices a beautiful girl who he can not have sex with. This shows that the Party enforces the idea that sex can no longer be done for pleasure and instead it is only for procreation. Soon he goes to the daily Two-Minutes of Hate, where groups of people profess their hate for anyone who is against the Party. (Novels for Students 235)One person who is hated by the Party strongly is Emmanuel Goldstein. He is the

1984 Analytical Essay An Average Analytical Essay On 1984 By George Orwell There May Be A Few Slight Errors So Please Revise 5 Paragraphs 1 For Intro And Thesis, 3 For Body With 2 Quotes For Ea...

1196 words - 5 pages Free , without it we would not be anywhere near to where we are now. We use language for not only for simple commanding acts, but also to express ourselves. If you take away the ability to express ideas and opinions you are also eradicating the bases that humanity is built on. George Orwell uses the indoctrinated outer party members to show the effects of dehumanization by controlling the mind. In one situation, Winston and Julia are talking about his

Two page essay on the summary of ,”The Great Gatsby.” with works cited - English - Book Report

495 words - 2 pages accident and Tom puts the blame on him. Nick watches as Gatsby is destroyed by his own past and parents choices leading to his murder by the garage-man for revenge. This story is centralized around the pursuit and love for wealth. Every character is money-obsessed, whether they were born with money (Tom, Daisy, Jordan and Nick), whether they made their fortune (Gatsby), or if they’re eager for more (Myrtle and George). This unhealthy addiction for money

This Is The Book Report Of, "Of Mice And Men." By John Steinbeck. Also Includes My Opinion Of The Book

1586 words - 7 pages The story begins with two men that are walking down a dirt road. One of the men was named Lennie and the other was named George. As they were walking, George was cursing and complaining about the bus driver, who had dropped them off four miles to early. They now had to walk the four miles, until they were at their new job. George rested for a while, as Lennie left to get some wood for a fire. He came with only one stick and a dead mouse, which

"Is Howard Dean right for President?" A fact paper, with no personal opinion. My version of, "You decide, 2004."

520 words - 3 pages Free ? Simple, says Dean. Roll back virtually all of President Bush's tax cut of 2001. (The Washington Post, July 12, 2002)During eleven years as governor of Vermont, Dean enacted only one limited tax reduction and opposed cutting taxes when the state was running a large surplus.Dean also supported repealing tax cuts that benefit working-class Americans. When asked whether he would repeal tax relief even for low and moderate income taxpayers, Dean Responded

Essay on one of the topics for Financial - financial reporting - report

1107 words - 5 pages sufficient cash (Exhibit III) for the bank’s requirement to receive $200,000 from the bank. Hence, the company can be more successful as long as you maintain good cash management in regards to aligning operating expenses to its revenues. By reducing salaries and/or benefits, collecting accounts receivables on time and negotiating better with vendors, and reducing overhead and administration expenses to improve the overall cashflow for Menotomy Home

Literary Analysis of "The Unwanteds" by Lisa McMann - Grade Nine Language Arts - Book Report

1550 words - 7 pages lake of boiling oil as the lore of Quill describes, but instead, he is thrust into a world of creative magic and strange creatures. This is because no one ever dies at the Death Farm as the people of Quill are mislead to believe. They are instead rescued by the mage Mr. Today and live out their lives in the magical land of Artimé. Talented: ​Alex is a very creative individual, and though that lead to him becoming an Unwanted, he utilizes his