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Dominic Arvai, Grade 8 
Book Report 2 
Morpheus Road, The Black, by D.J MacHale 
In the first book of the Morpheus Road trilogy,The Light, Marshall Seaver sought to uncover the
truth behind his best friend Cooper Foley's disappearance. Marsh endured hauntings and
supernatural forces plaguing his search. In the end, though, the news was grim. Cooper was
killed in a boating accident, and Marsh found himself embroiled in a sinister plot that threatened
the very existence of the world. A demon from the great beyond named Damon invited Marsh to
join him on Morpheus Road and help him find something called the poleax. Just when Marsh
could see no other alternative, a ghost of Cooper showed up and told Marsh not to give in. This
second book, The Black, is Cooper's story.
As to be expected, Cooper was not exactly thrilled to learn that he was dead. He was swept off to
a "waiting" zone, called The Black, where spirits are supposed to reflect back upon their lives
and hopefully learn and grow before moving on to the next place. Everyone's waiting zone is
different, and in addition to being reunited with his grandfather, Cooper soon learns a few tricks
of The Black.
For one, Cooper is able to enter different people's visions. He visits his grandfather's vision and
makes a new friend with the next-door neighbor. He also finds himself in the vision of the
supernatural being called Damon. While there, he is invited to join Damon's quest of regaining
life and returning back from the dead. Amidst t...

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