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Boot Process Essay

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Boot process is the time between a person turned on the computer and the time the computer is ready to be used. Boot process runs very smoothly in Windows computers, but if there was a problem, it needs to be repaired before any software is open. As the power-on self-test is operating, the boot process produces flashing lights, whirring noises, and beeping. This test gives you a warning if the computer is out of whack, but it's unable to warn you of what's about to happen. The most important purpose of the boot process is that it loads the operating system from hard disk into memory, which communicates with any input, output, or storage devices. The reason that the operating system can't ...view middle of the document...

If you see SAFE MODE when trying to turn on the computer, then the boot process cannot be completed. You can turn off your computer again when this happens; but if SAFE MODE still comes back, contact a technician. When a computer is left on too long, may be a few weeks, the operating system will behave erratically. To solve this, you can restore the operating system or rebooting would do the trick. If none of these works, your computer might encounter a virus.The Paragon systems reset and booted to single user mode using a script called reset. This script is usually located in the directory /usr/paragon/boot on the Diagnostic Station. The purpose of the script is to perform all error checking and to call the appropriate utilities at the right times. The reset script is responsible for performing various error checking and for calling the appropriate utilities at the right times. Which utilities are called and what options are passed to the utilities are controlled through variables defined at the beginning of the reset script. Some of the variables are affected through the use of command line options. All variables may be affected through the use of special bootmagic strings in the Magic file. Command line options may appear in any order...

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