Boy If U Dont Eat Yo Veggies You Will Get Ligma Ho M8 Hi This Jeff

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My Map of the Crusades Assignment
Use the map packet to complete the following assignment.
Make a Map!
Follow the directions below to complete the map on the opposite page. You will want to save this map as we will use it again later.
1. Label in light grey the Mediterranean Sea , the English Channel, and Atlantic Ocean.
2. Put a dot at and label in black the cities of Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Marseille, Constantinople, and Antioch.
3. In brown, label the islands of Crete, Cyprus, Corsica, and Sardinia.
4. In dark green, label the Christian kingdoms of England, France, Sicily, Scotland, Castile, Argon, Portugal, and the Holy Roman and Byzantine Empires.
5. In dark purple, label the Muslim Dominions of Saladin, Almohads, and the Seljuk Turks.
6. Lightly shade all Christian lands in green.
7. Lightly shade all Muslim lands in purple.
8. Put a blue star at and label the city of Jerusalem.
9. Use red to make a symbol that represents a battle and put it at and label the city of Acre.
10. Draw and label the paths taken by King Richard the Lionhearted and King Phillip Augustus to Acre.
My Map of the Crusades
Interpreting the Maps!
Use the maps provided to answer the questions below on page 96 of your spiral.
1. The men (and they were almost all men) who answered the Pope’s call to take back the Holy Land were called Crusaders. From which parts of...

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