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Boys Will Be Boys Essay

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Much of the research that has been done on gender socialization has focused primarily on girls. In article 5 in Annual Editions, "Boys Will be Boys," the author points to many of the difficulties that boys face in society.Boys are more likely to have discipline problems at school and to be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder or also known as ADD. Even in special education classes, boys far outnumber girls and are also known more likely to commit violent crimes and end up in jail. A recent study that was done at children's hospital in Boston found that boy babies are more emotionally expressive than girls are, which ...view middle of the document...

"When boys repress normal feelings like love because of social pressure, they've lost contact with the genuine nature of who they are and what they feel. Boys are in a silent crisis. The only time we notice it is when they pull the trigger." In later adolescence, it is stated that the boys do want and need the attention, but often just do not know how to ask for it.The author explains that for parents to help their boys cope with these issues, a strong parental bond is the most important protection against everything from smoking to suicide. Another way a parent may help is to constantly talk to them because they don't come and talk to you. Black boys are especially vulnerable since they are more likely than whites to grow up in homes without fathers. They're often on their own much sooner than whites. It is important to give them something positive to belong to, so that they don't join gangs in order to have the sense of belonging to something. Parents can also channel their sons' energy into constructive activities, like team sports. They should look for "teachable moments" to encourage qualities, such as empathy. Parents can also teach by example--disciplining their son without anger. Instead, insist on resolving all disputes calmly and reasonably, without yelling. Most of all, wise parents of boys should go with the flow and be there for them when inneed.

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