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Good morning/afternoon my name is John Singleton and I am best known as the director of the classic film, Boyz n the Hood. Boyz n the Hood is about a character named Tre who is sent to live down south central of LA with his father. His father, Furious Styles, teaches Tre proper values but his friends are influenced and drawn towards dangerous acts within the neighbourhood. My film relates to the hardships the African Americans deal with within the ‘hood’ including; discrimination, drugs and gang wars. I have intended this film to all genders and all races at the ages of 15 years and over. This is because the themes and language that is served in the film are not suitable for people under age of 15. The purpose of creating this text was to shed light on the challenges faced by the African Americans within society.
The two main themes I have portrayed in Boyz n the Hood are violence and responsibility. Violence can been seen in nearly every scene from start to finish. For example, the opening statement of the film, ‘One out of every 21 Black American males will be murdered. Most will die at the hands of another Black male’, gives the viewers the dark reality of how extreme violence actually is within the streets of South Central LA. Although there is no conflict between whites’ and blacks within the film, it is implied that the white community want the blacks to do harm to each other, which makes them question why there is a “gun shop on almost every corner in the community.” Although Violence is an recurring issue within the film, it is Furious’ responsibility to guide his son and to keep Tre well away from danger. Furious not only talks about how wrong violence is but also teaches Tre morals. As most of Tre’s friends within the neighbourhood are without a father, Furious doesn’t go without educating Tre on how to raise a child for when the time comes as he quotes, “Any fool can make a baby, but only a gentleman can raise one.” These two themes are linked to the intended audience as teenagers’ transition to adulthood.
Throughout the film many techniques have been used to make it an accurate analysis of ...


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