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I decided to make presentation about how to make your business successful. At first I began to think about some effective methods how to do it but than I decided to talk about one specific and I think most important factors in determining whether a company succeeds or fails. And this factor is brand marketing.What is brand marketing?Branding is company's name, sign, symbol, design or a combination of them made for identifying the goods and other services of ...view middle of the document...

But this is the wrong approach. The thing is that formula for success for every business company lies in customers. If we ask some people what do they pay attention to when choosing a product most of them will tell us that they don't care brand name or logo and that the most important is the quality of product. This is true up to a point. But there is one thing. Sometimes people don't realize themselves well what they pay attention to. Brand logo made by a clever manager can easily excite the curiosity of people.Anyway, People actually pay attention to brands even if they don't approve that when asked.On the one hand it's very hard to build a strong brand name.It's the active process of discovering, developing and bringing the right image or identity of your company to the marketplace.First of all, brand shouldSuggest benefits of the productSugest product useIndicate special featuresBe easy to pronouncel, spell, remember and recogniseBe distinctive (brand should distinct it from competitors)It can be said that Brand is the sum of the characteristics of a product.There are some brand names that have entered in the language. I personally didn't know (until I did this presentation) that all of these names were brand names at the beginning.


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3807 words - 16 pages Free PAGE MARKETING AND BRANDS1.0 IntroductionCoca-Cola is an example of high value brand. Brands are among the most important assets of a firm. It takes a huge amount of resources over along period of time to build strong brands in the marketplace. A strong brand has a loyal customer base that stick to the brand in good and bad times. A strong brand also commands a high acceptance rate in the market place at a premium price compared to weaker

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1702 words - 7 pages Free increase customer retention and satisfaction. The marketing team at T2 have managed to secure their place at the forefront of modern marketing intelligence, and it is clear to see why. The Importance of Marketing The essence of marketing is different to in every organisation across the globe. Some marketers believe it involves building brand equity by establishing a sufficient branch network, whilst others are convinced it primarily exists to solve

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1498 words - 6 pages -to-business (B2B) marketing. After all, you're still selling a product to a person. However mass-marketing is not used with B2B but it used with B2C.3.2 B2C (Business-to-Consumer)I already mentioned that mass-marketing used with B2C. Business-to-consumer sell products and services to consumers for household or personal use.The main point of B2C is that the corporations can have the best known brand in the world. But in the business-to-consumer

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1091 words - 5 pages Marketing*Communication*Final*Exam*Notes!!!!* Chapter*1** Integrated*marketing*communications*and*brand*equity*enhancement* The*nature*of*marketing*communications* •! Marketing*–*consist*of*the*marketing*mix*strategies*that*organisations*develop*to*transfer* value,*through*exchange,*to*their*customers.* •! Communication;*is*a*process*that*conveys*shared*meaning*between*individuals,*or*between* organisations*and*individuals.* •! Marketing

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986 words - 4 pages Free the four parameters (that I chose) are others attributes that provide a limited perspective of a brand. They can be used to plot a perceptual map, but they are not fundamental parameters. I have learned that this may not make them useful for a positioning strategy.2nd Scenario - May 5, 2x01… The perceptual map has revealed Cruiser Thorr's place in the market, and this place has not been helping sales. As Marketing Manager, I have to decide

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2319 words - 10 pages policy contradicts brand building. Companies that opt for a low price strategy will find that short-term volume gains will be at the expense of longer term profitability. Furthermore, not only will there be less funds available for investment but the brand will be devalued in the longer term. For a market leader this is especially so. Negative marketing will have an adverse impact on the brand.INNOVATION.Innovation is by far the most potent weapon

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1614 words - 7 pages directions of marketing careers, a brand manager is responsible for analyzing the collected information and developing a brand strategy which will be adapted to products, business campaigns, and some marketing promotions. (Creedy, 2015). Except for making strategies, brand managers also play the role of planning and executing the communication channels, which requires brand managers to have a strong ability to communicate and maintain good

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2152 words - 9 pages marketing has come into the picture for businesses. According to Kotler “When a relationship management programme is properly implemented, there organisation will focus on supplying what offerings are wanted by its customers” (2009, 762). As businesses want to develop a customer base and brand loyalty, they are built through marketing strategies and activities. Customer relationship marketing allows businesses to build a long term relationship

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707 words - 3 pages adverisement such as T.V, Radio, magazines etc. They should also promote through doctors, samples coupons and product bundling. T.V and radio could be used as very effective medium of communication.Marketing MixThe marketing mix refers to the set of actions, or tactics, that a company uses to promote its brand or product in the market. The 4Ps make up a typical marketing mix - Product, Price, Promotion and Place.Product : Precision toothbrush is a


777 words - 4 pages for companies, advertisers, marketers, and consumers. The more information producers know about the consumers and their connections, the more targeted they can make their advertising and ultimately their business value.Social marketing media is beneficial to companies . Larger companies use social marketing media as a source for effective sales and enhance sales service , whereas smaller companies use this medium for brand loyalty and a good

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2531 words - 11 pages Free Student: Jan Jacob Meinen (S00243801) Course: Digital Marketing – the connected space Lecturer: Mrs Francesca Caflisch-Martin Campus: North Sydney Word Count: 2038 words Marketing Essay Digital Marketing in Contemporary Business Practises and Future Perspective DISCLAIMER: I hereby certify that I am the author of this document/paper. All the sources that I have used have been fully acknowledged and disclosed. Any data, ideas or words from

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912 words - 4 pages Free Marketing and the Marketing MixThis essay describes and explains the concepts of Marketing and the Marketing Mix.MARKETINGMarketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that will satisfy individual and organisational objectives.Marketing is about connecting with customers, serving the needs of society, and accomplishing the goals of the

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433 words - 2 pages Next, the marketing mix of Canada Goose in China will be introduced. Canada Goose entered the Chinese market with heavyweight jackets and hybrid product range. Especially, the jackets feature a removable hood along with a slim cut in order to fit the bodies of both men and women, and the length of jackets coming into Chinese market are increased by 2 inches. Additionally, the red colour, which is the symbol of luck and good fortune in China, is


766 words - 4 pages HAFSA. 10JP. BUSINESS STUDIES. MS KHAN. LOUIS VUITTON ¬ A MARKETING ANALYSIS Louis Vuitton is the world’s leading luxury products group. The strategy of LVMH is based on combining LVMH fashion and leather goods. It holds on to its own brand spirits and do things which are different from any other one .The various strategies of LV are as follows:- Price Strategy The most important strategy is price strategy. The prices of Louis Vuitton

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2574 words - 11 pages the concept of postmodern marketing and evaluate its applicability in the context of Coca-Cola Company. Literature Review Cova and Dalli (2009, p.4) note that the consumer trends have changed over time and that the current consumers are characterized by their unending quest to find their identity. They highlight that contemporary consumers have set a trend for a tribal brand, which involves the selection of commodities on the basis of the