Brands That You Admire: Mc Donalds Advertising Essay

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Brand that I Admire
The brand that I chose to write on or the one that I admire is McDonalds. I admire them for a few reasons. They have stood the test of time, everyone knows their brand and they are able to provide a quality fast food experience with reasonable pricing. The seven qualities I will discuss that make McDonalds what it is are as follows: values, pricing, advertising, product, location, people, and experience.
The first aspect that I will discuss is McDonald’s values. At the top of their list are their employees. McDonalds does a good job of offering training and promotion opportunities to their employees they realize that the more they invest in their employees the more the employees will give to the company. Also, they value the environment and sustainability. They realize that the population is growing and the resources are wearing thin so they invest in innovative solutions to solve these problems. With McDonalds being such a large company they know that they can make a big difference by donating time and money towards creating a better tomorrow.
Pricing is the next aspect that makes McDonalds what it is. There is a lot of competition in the fast food industry and McDonalds recognizes that. In the past few years they have moved away from their value menu, which was successful, and now this year began offering $1, $2, ad $3 every day values. Their strategy is to underprice the rivals while maintaining their quality. They realized last year that they weren’t being as competitive as they needed to be so they had to rethink their strategy. Their competitive pricing and good tasting food is what has kept people coming back year after year.
Third, is McDonalds unrivaled advertising. It all starts with the golden arches. Everyone around the world recognizes those arches. They are iconic. McDonalds has different advertising strategies for different locations around the world. Their advertising focuses on the great value of their food, the speed at which the food is prepared and served as well as the atmosphere of ...


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