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Breyer P-OrridgePandrogny Project
The Pandrogny Project, conducted by Genesis Breyer P- Orridge and Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge is about an artistic experiment where they challenge the boundaries of gender. In the project, the two life partners undergo numerous surgeries to resemble one another in order to become fully unified. The basis around their manifesto is to create a third being that exist between them and to challenge the identity of one that is self-imposed on from society. They believe that the human body and mind can actually be divided and once the physical change occurs on the body, it can release the subconscious phase that it was captive and two be combined with another that blends so chemically that it creates another entity. In this review it will be discussed the opinions on Breyers project as well as an understated meaning if the project.
In the eyes of many this project may come off as confusing or uneasy, but for others who have willingly opened their minds to the ideas of this project and its outcomes one can make an understanding on where Breyers was coming from. Breyer has managed to put forth this action or this process as a possible testament on what it truly means to find your significant other. As this is not the only reason behind the Pandrogny, it also makes a test to create a 3rd person from two existing persons. As this is not the same as gender confusion a where persons claim they are trapped in the wrong body as stated by Breyer in their manifesto but rather being trapped in a body. Breyer dwindles on a concept a small bit similar to Kant when dealing with freeing one’s self from external pressures of society, they are releasing themselves into the world to form one greater cause. I believe Breyer has managed to crossed the taboo line of completely releasing one’s self to another person. They were not afraid to lose their identity for as all they know that identity is inferior to the identity with both of them being joined, they are stronger and more resilient to societal influences.
When it comes to relationships they test the boundaries on how far will one go for the bond. It is constantly repeated that when you are involved w...


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