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Bruises Essay

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Bruises Conflict The conflict in my book is between the main character Judith and her mother, which beats her. Her goal throughout the story changes it starts out that she just wants to serve.Then it is to get away from her mother. her mother stands in the way of Judith throughout the book. This conflict is a man vs. man conflict. Judith Has to ...view middle of the document...

She does not have many friends at home or at school. She could not take gym because of the Bruises on her arms and legs. Then you meet Michael he is a kid form school. Judith becomes friends with him.Rising Action The first event in the rising action is when Judith talks with Michael for the first time.The second event in the rising acting is when Judith starts to go over to Michael's house for lunch. The third event in the rising action is when Judith's mother beats her for the second time. The fourth event in the rising action is when Michael finds out about the beatings that Judith got from her mother. The fifth event in the rising action is then Michael gives a teddy bear to Judith. The final event in the rising action is Judith's mother stabs the teddy bear with a knife.Climax The climax in the book is when Judith runs away from home. Judith won in the end because the mother could not keep the beatings a secret any more.Falling Action In the falling action Judith's mother fell sorry about what happen and Judith lives with Michael.Resolution I think the lesson that you were to learn is that it is never your fault if your parents beat you for no reason at all.

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