Buddhism And Ethics Of Happiness Intro To Ethics 2306 Essay

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Zierrah Muse
Phil 2306
February 20, 2018
Buddhism and Ethics of Happiness Response Paper
The Buddhists view on right and wrong/good and evil is that every man or woman who are seeking external happiness, afraid of pain and death, and loss are enduring the gentle balance between good and evil. To avoid evil, one must encourage good doings in their life. These evils include: over indulgence of food, sex, material possessions, and self status. The Buddhists believe that desire leads to pain because if a person is not able to control it, or if it gets to the point where they lose loved ones, then the start of suffering begins. The main goal of Buddhism is to lessen misery from the start by getting humans to castoff desire. Buddhism itself is solely focused on the psychology of expressive objectivity.
Buddhists teach their followers that, in truth, there is right or wrong, which means that people can come upon sinful deeds and moral responsibilities. Good and evil in the eyes of a Buddhist is a fallacious duality that a person must surpass in their mission for enlightenment and seeing the world for how it truly is. “The most general counsel the Dhammapada gives is to avoid all evil, to cultivate good and to cleanse one's mind” (p. 10). Buddhism explains that morality is a thing that we produce for ourselves founded ethically on what is found to be advantageous rather than tangibly accurate. In other words, there can be no standards of life outside ourselves and we must remember that no one can hold us to it. Furthermore, most Buddhists do good deeds to seek good karma within their lives.
Buddhism in all reality encourages restraint in an ethical way. It wants people to think of the idea of only doing to others that you would find acceptable of them to do to you. In the study of Buddhism, nothing is truly evil or good. There are ultimate sins, just as there are wrong doings. Also, there are right doings, just as there are virtues and good deeds for people to seek. Furthermore, you must be willing to live an honest and moral life. Most Buddhists live by the eightfold path, which wants people to live with “right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration” (p. 8). What truly matters in Buddhism is the real-world assistances of a deed, and oneself is only to be essentially concerned with enlightenment and joy.
Within Buddhism, there is absolutely no injustice whatsoever. However,...

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