Bullying, How To Prevent It In Schools English Essay

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84% of students who were bullied online were also bullied in person, but what if this could all change?
“Approximately one in four Year 4 to Year 9 Australian students (27%) reported being bullied every few weeks” (Beyondblue - is an Australian, independent non-profit organisation working to address issues associated with bullying). Bullying can happen to anyone. It might happen to you, your friend or someone online. When school students get bullied they often feel powerless and alone, or worried about what the bully might do next. Experiencing bullying can increase the students chances of developing anxiety or depression. How would you feel if your child was bullied at school for something they can’t change, like their culture or family? Your child and school students can get bullied in four different ways, socially, physically, verbally and online (cyberbullying). Social bullying is leaving people out, not inviting someone to social occasions or stop talking to them . Also as gossiping and talking behind their backs. Physical bullying involving anything that can hurt them physically such as, kicking, punching, stealing from them or destroying their property. Verbal bullying is the use of names calling (put downs), teasing, threats, intimidation and stalking. Online bullying through the use of cyberbullying is hurting someone using the technology, via email, chat rooms, websites, online social media or text messages. This is a terrible thing, how can we try and prevent this at schools? We can assist the prevention of these forms of bullying at schools in three ways, but these ways need time and devotion. These are the three ways that can help with that. 1. Talks and Classes – these talks and classes would help support the bullied students or your child. 2. Talk to Parents and Teachers – talking to your parents and teachers will allow them to help support you in troubled times. 3. Ways to support yourself - this involves ways that bullied students can build confidence and support themselves. Let’s look into these three ways in more detail.
Educating talks and classes about the impacts of bullying is the first way to help prevent bullying in schools. These talks and classes can be run through your school which would educate and inform the bullies of how damaging and detrimental their actions can be. The talks will give real life examples and ways to cope if you are getting bullied at school. These courses would really help your child to build confidence and the fearlessness to stand up against their bullies. The Family-School and Community Partnerships Bureau is school program that conducts research, and provides resources and practical support and advice to parents, principals, teachers and others about how to build and sustain partnerships with students being bullied. They conduct talks and classes which include the topics of anti-bullying, personal child safety and say ‘no’ to peer pressure. These talks and classes would also provide excell...


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