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Abby Markowski
April 24, 2019
Chapter 10 Assignment
1. Read the article Cybersecurity for Small Business. Compare the security tips provided in the article to the safeguards described in Chapter 10. What new tips did you learn from the article?
The security tips provided in the article to the safeguards described in Chapter 10 are similar at the fact that companies should employ best practices on payment cards. Using these smart cards would require an employee to enter a PIN to be authenticated. Both sources emphasize the idea of having firewalls. A firewall is a device that prevents outsiders from accessing data on a private network. Both sources also highlight the topics of passwords and authentication. Companies should require employees to use unique passwords and change their passwords every three months. A company should consider executing multi-factor authentication that demands additional information beyond a password to gain entry. Companies should train workers in security standards. Building up fundamental security practices and approaches for workers, for example, requiring solid passwords and set up fitting Internet use rules that detail penalties for damaging organization cybersecurity strategies. Establishing principles of conduct depict how to deal with and secure client data and other essential information. Organizations must secure data, PCs, and systems from digital assaults. A company should keep clean machines that have the most recent security programming, internet browser, and working framework, which are the best safeguards against viruses, malware, and other online threats. A company needs to secure their Wi-Fi systems. In the event that a company has a Wi-Fi network for their work environment, they must ensure it is secure, encoded, and covered up. A company can conceal their Wi-Fi network by setting up the wireless router, so it does not broadcast the system name, known as the Service Set Identifier (SSID). Having a password protects access to the router. Making a cell phone activity plan is a new idea that companies can put into play. Cell phones can make significant security and management challenges, particularly in the event that they hold private data or can get to the corporate system. Creating a mobile device action plan would require users to password-protect their devices, code information, and install security apps to avoid hackers from thieving data while the phone is on a public network.
2. In the article 60 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019, predictions offered by cybersecurity experts were grouped under six categories. Select a category and summarize the key points.
Artificial intelligence is a dual-use technology. In 2019, black hat hackers and cybercriminals will make malignant chatbots that endeavor to socially engineer individuals into clicking links, downloading documents or sharing private data. Attackers could likewise use web application flaws in authentic sites to embed a malicious chatbot int...


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