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Bush: Soldier or terrorist?Many say that our president George Walker Bush, son of wealthy ex- president George Bush, has made no mistakes. They say that he handled the 9-11 crisis the way any good president should have. That if we hadn't gone to Iraq and defeated a non- exsistent threat, we would all be under a cruel, abusive, Iraqi dictatorship. But let's take a look at our so called perfect president's past. He was accused of indulging in the deadly and illigeal drug cocaine. The republicans response to that was "Yes, but didn't Clinton admit to smok ...view middle of the document...

We went to war with Afghanistan over our nations greatest tragedy. After a long, horrible war and the taliban no longer existed, we went after Al- Qaeda. After starting the war with Al- Qaeda, we started another war. Or should I say, recommenced. Lets say, hypothetically, that Bush wanted to finish what his father never had a chance to. Find Saddam and be envied. Census showed that he was losing votes faster than his deficit was rising. Finding Saddam would make people vote for him again. So he makes up a reason why he should go to Iraq and find his father's enemy. Since we are still talking hypothetically, it might not be true, though there is an overwhelming amount of evidence proving the contrary. One of which, is the fact that we found no weapons of mass destruction. So a guy makes one mistake, what's the big deal? But he also made yet another very costly mistake. The larger than life deficit. When he entered office, he promised more jobs and a better economy.Since he was inaugurated into presidency, he has lost more than 3 million jobs in America. That alone turned America's rock hard economy into pudding. These are only the mistakes the CIA let us know about. There could be many more that he will keep to himself. So when you go into those voting booths, think back on the past four years before you vote for George W. Bush.


USA Patriot Act and whether or not its been a success - Politics - Essay

411 words - 2 pages USA Patriot Act In response to the terrorist acts on September 11 and detrimental effects to the United States of America, President George W. Bush signed the USA Patriot Act into law. This act is formally known as the Uniting and Strengthening America Act by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001. Terrorism can be in any form and is defined as the unlawful use of violence and intimidation

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528 words - 3 pages . However, on September 11, 2001, the United States suffered a devastating terrorist attack when two aircrafts crashed into the World Trade Center, causing panic and sadness through many Americans. A few months after the 9/11 attacks, the TSA was created on November 19, 2001 after President George W. Bush signed the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, which “authorized the creation of a new federal government agency specifically designed to

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1159 words - 5 pages Blankenship 1 Shelbie Blankenship Professor Goral Federal Government 2305A52 24 April 2019 Federal Government Essay On October 7, 2001, the United States entered its longest lasting war, which continues to this day, just a month after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The attacks of 9/11 triggered major United States initiatives to combat terrorism and defined the presidency of George W. Bush. For the duration of the attack, 19

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427 words - 2 pages Free these terrorist groups with the CIA and FBI. The last items he talked about were trade, and faith based charity based groups. What he purposed for trade was the "Trade Promotion Policy." And for the faith based and charity based groups were the "American Freedom Corp." He also said that each American should spend 2 years or 4,000 hours of community service, in your lifetime. And that we should renew the "Peace Corp." The State of the Union Address was just to show

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902 words - 4 pages In order to gain the support of the public, countries use propaganda. During the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein and George Bush used propaganda to gain the support of their respective public. Propaganda was everywhere. It was on the radio and television and it brought the war into millions of homes. Propaganda was a vital part of the Gulf War because it provided the US and Iraq with the support of their public. Propaganda is always geared towards

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2229 words - 9 pages another terrorist attack like 9/11. Another program established due to 9a1 was the Secure Communities program which enabled law enforcement the power to check for documentation of illegal aliens with profiling junctures. This program however was null and voided in 2014. In its essence deportation of illegal aliens might have been a correct move however some that were deported didn't have any serious or violent stature in there record. This regards to

"The United States Resolution To Our Own Internal War On Terror"

682 words - 3 pages "The terrorists have not lost the will or the ability to attack us. The USA PATRIOT ACT is vital to the war on terror and defending our citizens against a ruthless enemy.". This is a direct quote from President Bush about the reauthorization of the PATRIOT ACT. In 2001 our country was delicate, and very vulnerable to terrorism. Violence outside and inside the United States was a major problem. The PATRIOT ACT was formed because of the

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658 words - 3 pages According to "Chief Executive"; April 2000 the average Cuban today earns only about $10 per month an impoverished country by any standard. While the current dictator Fidel Castro, now 73 still in power changes in the U.S. trade embargo is unlikely to change. Even President George W. Bush stated U.S. exports to Cuba could total $900 million in annual sales. However with a $10 a day budget it is hard to see how the Cubans could pay that amount. I

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3348 words - 14 pages otherwise. Conclusion In conclusion, there are many factors as to why Islam is portrayed as a religion of violence. These opinions come from sources such as the media, extremists, and terrorists, or a misunderstanding of doctrine. Islam was meant to be a religion that advocated for peace, and it is understandable as to why it may not be, but it does not defend terrorism either. Terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda have imposed a lousy view on

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2133 words - 9 pages -level Colombian officials often reveals logic of war that is not dissimilar from the Bush administration's sentiment that "you're either with us or against us." There is also a strong pressure on the armed forces and police to obtain results in confronting "terrorist" organizations.The New OAS Security Concept in ContextIn 2003 the OAS adopted a new concept of hemispheric security through the passage of the Declaration on Security n the Americas

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762 words - 4 pages , ICISS, 2001) However, following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, occurring just before the release of the ‘responsibility to protect’ document, changes to international affairs and politics soon became evident. The terrorist attacks to New York and Washington led the Bush Administration to describe terrorism as “the greatest threat to peace in our time.” (Acharya, 2007) It led the UN Security Council to declare terrorism a ‘threat to

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2083 words - 9 pages after the attacks of 11 September 2001 Washington made no special effort to look for international justification for actions against Taliban and al.-Qaida network. Bush said straight : " Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists ". Primacy was evident at that time. US declared it would go alone if necessary, however help was welcome. So not only primacy is assumed here but also the elements of cooperative security, since as I said

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3179 words - 13 pages Free soldier has become blurred to the point that they are no longer distinct. Moreover, there are several inconsistencies between offered claims as to whether death also encompassed injured or displaced people (Roberts, 2010, p. 123). In conjunction with this, the Human Security Report 2005, claimed to be the ‘most comprehensive annual survey of trends in warfare’ concluded that the 90% statistic for civilian casualties was an ‘urban myth’ of

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1185 words - 5 pages , shields still see use in the form of riot gear or by counter terrorist forces to block small fire arms. A main factor that made shields so powerful was their versatility. Shields could be used to defend the user from incoming attacks and this was what most shields were specifically designed for. Shields could also be used to attack by bashing enemies leaving them uncoordinated and open for other more lethal attacks. These two things make the shield

Aircraft Security A Human Factors Concept

2860 words - 12 pages responsible for the lives of all passengers. He or she should have the ability to fight any and all attackers on board the aircraft. As of today the Bush administration has been against arming pilots. Several bills have failed in congress. There are several compelling arguments for and against arming of pilots (Murdock, 2002). It seems that most of the Bushes administrations reasons for not putting guns in the hands of pilots are weak at best. Few people