Business Analysis And Marketing Strategy - Canine Behaviour - Essay Assignment

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Business analysis and marketing strategy
FdSc Canine behaviour and training
Module: Management of the enterprise
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Tutor: Lynda Taylor
13th January 2016
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1.0 Introduction Page 1
2.0 Analytical tools
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2.1 SWOT analysis
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3.0 Marketing
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3.1 Marketing strategies
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The 4 P’s of marketing
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4.0 Conclusion
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Table 1: SWOT analysis of the business
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Table 2: PESTLE analysis of the business
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When setting up a business or expanding a current business it is important to conduct some research in order to gain an understanding of the opportunities available and the risks which may effect the business (Spaeder,2016).
Business analysis and marketing is important when developing a new business such as a dog training class as it allows the business owner to establish the opportunity for offering a class that has more to offer than those in the local area, taking advantage of the gaps in the market (Sugar,2016). A dog training class which also offers one to one training for issues that are not able to be solved within the class environment and also offer clients quality training equipment suited to their needs will stand out among competitors as the class will appeal to a wide range of people due to its convenience (Sugar,2016).
Marketing puts the needs of the customers first, through the use of market research, the needs and requirements of customers and clients can be determined (Businesscasestudies,2016). Lorette (2016) states that marketing covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales all of which are highly important in ensuring potential customers know what the business has to offer.
A dog training class also offering one to ones and training equipment could advertise using leaflets and flyers, social media, postcards on shop windows and have the company name on the business vehicle as these are all low cost methods of advertising (Zarei,2014). When starting a new businesses the owner needs to consider business opportunities such as location of the business, age group of the local population, needs and requirements of the local area and the competition already in that area. My dog training business will include class run in a village hall which is rented out twice a week. My business also offers one to one sessions and has a company van with the company name and logo, from which dog training products such as leads, harnesses ,long lines, clickers and other training equipment is sold.
Analytical tools
Analytical tools and methods are highly useful in ensuring consistency is applied with a business to the analysis (Downey,2007).
The aim of analytical tools is to sharpen the focus of the analysis and ensure a methodical balanced approach is taken (Downey,200...

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