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Exploring Business
Name: Paul Serbuca (12R)
course title: Business Btec Level 3
unit title: Exploring Business
assessor: Mr. Dagunduro
exam number:
In this assignment I will be considering the purposes of different organisations as well as the various types and ownerships of businesses. I will also look at who the key shareholders are and what influence they have on these organisations. The two organisations I have chosen to compare are Tesco and Oxfam. I have chosen these as they are in two separate sectors, with Tesco being in the private sector and Oxfam being in the public sector. Also, they are quite different in size and have very different mission statements.
Tesco is a multinational general merchandise retailer. However, its services do not only stop there, Tesco is also a successful banking service provider, as well as an insurance service provider. Not only this, Tesco also has many different types of stores, such as; Tesco Express and Tesco Metro. Its reach spans across 12 countries in two different continents, Europe and Asia. Tesco have a very simple mission statement; ‘to help everyone who shops with us enjoy a better quality of life and an easier way of living’ this means that they aim to provide the best services and do so to gain customers and their loyalty. Tesco claim to have three big ambitions. To reducing food waste, to improve health and to create opportunities. Their main aim to maximise profits, much like many other businesses. As a result of this, it is the market leader in the sales of groceries. Tesco is a Public limited company (PLC), this means that it sells/trades its shares with the public. It has around 500,000 colleagues that are connected to the store. Tesco is owned by thousands of people (who are known as shareholders). However, its ownership and the running of the company consists of several stakeholders. Tesco is a service provider; therefore, it is in the tertiary sector. Tertiary sector organisations provide services for the public and to businesses. The shareholders have limited liability when it comes to their extent of liability for debts. Limited liability means that the shareholders are only liable to the extent of the nominal value of their shares. This is a very good advantage to this type of ownership; however, the original owners may end up losing control but there are strict regulations placed in order to protect the interest of the owners.
Oxfam is an international charity/ confederation which consists of 17 organisations which operate in more than 90 countries worldwide. Oxfam has many shops that sell fair-trade and donated items. Around the world, Oxfam has1,200 shops, with 750 of them being in the United Kingdom. Oxfam Germany has around 75 shops and Oxfam Australia has around 20 shops. Many of these shops are specialised, such as books, music, and furniture and in some, bridalwear. In the United Kingdom, there are around 100 specialised bookshops or book and music shops. Because...


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