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Business Code Of Ethics Essay

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Business Code of EthicsCode of ethics is vital for any business to run smoothly as it saves company, employees and customers from conflicts and serious management issues.We believe compliance to code of ethics is source of advantage for our company.. The Company`s Code of ethics provide basic set of rules and standers that guide management in decision making as management can develop policies, guidelines and rules based on these set of ethics that will help organization to avoid conflicts and smooth business operations with compromising the interests of stakeholders.Main elements of Company`s Code of Ethics for Decision Making purposes(i)Contribute to Society, Customers and Employees. This rule ensures the protection of Basic ...view middle of the document...

(vi)Avioding Conflicts:- the aim of company behind these rules is to avoid conflicts within employees and outside of company. This will help protect my company`s interest.My company(Best Foods)`s code of ethics can be divided into three parts(1) The Company (The Best Foods): - (i)Company will take care its social responsibilities and will not try to make profits through unethical and illegal means.(ii)Company will continuously improve its business processes that can bring efficiency to business operations and reduce wastes.(iii)Company will be accountable to its stakeholders in order to protect their interests.(iv)Company will preserve its integrity in all cases.(v)Company will treat every customer and employee with dignity and respect and will provide every employee safe and healthy working environment.(v)Company will treat every employee equally regardless of their race and gender.(vi)Company will provide its employees reasonable resources to develop their professional skills and knowledge.(2)The Customers:- Company`s Customers are very important to the company our aim is to be customer centric organization therefore customer satisfaction is our top priority. Every customer should be treated respectfully regardless of their race and gender.(3)The Employees:- (i)Company` employees are its most important asset. Company expect professionalism of highest level from employees(ii) Employees will treat each other with respect, discrimination is not acceptable.(iii) Dishonest behavior towards company and employees from Employees will be unacceptable.(iv) Employees should always take care interest of company and its stakeholders everywhere and all the times.

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