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I always dreamed of owning a restaurant. Opening and running a restaurant is an exciting experience. As a restaurant owner I need to overlook ways to protect my restaurant from lawsuits that I may face. Here are some liabilities that may affect my business;
a) Premises liability
b) Personal Liability/Employee Accidents
c) Product liability
d) Liquor liability
e) Commercial Auto/Non owned vehicle-valet/ delivery liability
a) Premises liability
Under premises liability law, I know that my restaurant can be held liable for injuries that happen on the property. The best way to reduce or eliminate this type of accidents is to train the employees and prepare them for the potential dangerous situations. I will also implement policies and procedures to avoid or reduce the potential risks that my business may face. The second thing that I will consider is to get good general liability insurance for the restaurant which would protect the restaurant from a variety of claims on premise or off-premise.
b) Personal Liability/Employee Accidents
Accidents are bound to happen and will occur even with highly-trained employees. During a dinner rush, an accidental spill in the kitchen doorway could turn into a server taking a nasty slip-and-fall. As an employer, I am responsible, first and foremost, for attempting to avoid workplace injuries by providing my employees with a safe place to work. The best way to mitigate or eliminate employee accidents is to give them regular safety trainings which will keep them sharp and alert in instances where a risk may be imminent. Purchasing Workers Compensation insurance policies for the business is another way to deal with issue.
c) Product liability
As a business owner, I am responsible for every product I make and sell. If one of those products is faulty, or causes some sort of injury, my business could be held accountable for the consequences. Food safety falls under this category. No restaurant owners would want to make their customer get sick from food that consumed at their restaurant. Not only does that affect the number...


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