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James Kelley
Professor of Business Law
From: Matthew R. Bannon
Date: November 20, 2018
Subject: Business Law II Term Paper
Attached please find the resume which is due on February 1 as the first assignment in BUS 381N, Introduction to Business and Management, T 6:30-9:00.
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Matthew Bannon
Executive Summary
Affirmative Action has been a debated all throughout its an implantation back in the early in the 1960’s. The ultimate goal was to create equality for women and minorities in the workplace. This paper aims to discuss the positives and negatives that affirmative action has brought to the United States. Ultimately, the goal was to decide whether or not affirmative action was successful in improving equality for job opportunities for women and minorities.
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Matthew Bannon
Business Law II
Professor Kelley
Throughout the history of the United States, there has been severe job discrimination towards the likes of women and African Americans. There has been a constant struggle for African Americans to find equality amongst the white male in regards to getting jobs in the workplace. Women are some of the most qualified individuals when it comes to job opportunities but still trail far behind their male counterparts. According to an article published by Catalyst, the employment data company shows the job inequality between women and men within S&P 500 companies. “While they are 44 percent of the overall S&P 500 labor force and 36 percent of first- or mid-level officials and managers in those companies, they are only 25 percent of executive- and senior-level officials and managers, hold only 20 percent of board seats, and are only 6 percent of CEOs (Catalyst 2018).” Moreover, minorities are subject to the same job inequality compared to white males that women are faced with. As a result of their hard fought efforts to ensure equal treatment for all, a program called Affirmative Action was created to fix this issue. Affirmative Action “is a broad term that, in the employment context considered in this report, refers to both voluntary and mandatory efforts beyond simple nondiscrimination undertaken by government employers and by private employers, with and without government contracts, to remedy and prevent discrimination and promote equal employment opportunity (Bruno 2018).” The United States Government has debated the success and failures of Affirmative Action ever since the implementation of this program. Affirmative Action is a decisive topic for many and must be discussed openly in order to understand the complexities and the benefits...

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