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Business Plan
Rebecca Champ, Owner
Created on December 29, 2016
Executive Summary
We provide design services to small- and medium-sized companies. Our services include office management and business process reengineering to improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs.
The target audience for We Can Do It Consulting is business owners, human resources directors, program managers, presidents, or CEOs with 5 to 500 employees who want to increase productivity and reduce overhead costs. Specifically, we specialize in consulting white collar executives on office processes such as job tracking, production, getting the most out of meetings, leadership, financial or hiring best practices, and other needs relevant to potential customers who serve in a management role within small or large organizations that may be bogged down by processes, bureaucracy, or technical experts with little leadership experience.
Future of the Company
Consulting is a fast-paced, evolving industry. In response to this climate, We Can Do It Consulting will offer other services, including facilitation and requirements analysis in the future.
Company Description
Mission Statement
To provide quality services to our clients that will help their companies prosper and grow.
Principal Members
Rebecca Champ — owner, primary consultant
Guy Champ — business manager/sales
Sophie Roberts — account manager
Legal Structure
We Can Do It Consulting is an S Corporation, incorporated in Greenville, South Carolina.
Market Research
We Can Do It Consulting will join the office management and business process improvement consulting industry. Generally, larger consulting firms, such as KEG Consulting, work with international corporations while smaller consulting firms work with both large corporations and smaller organizations, usually closer to home. Consulting firms structured like ours also have a history of working with local, state, and federal government agencies. The consulting industry is still recovering from the economic recession. It was hit hardest in 2009 when the industry shrank by 9.1%. However, as the economy recovers, the industry is showing signs of growth. A recent study stated that operations management consulting is projected to grow by 5.1% per year for the next several years.
Detailed Description of Customers
The target customers for We Can Do It Consulting are business owners, human resources directors, program managers, presidents or CEOs with 5 to 500 employees who want to increase productivity and reduce overhead costs. Specifically, we specialize in consulting white collar executives on office processes such as job tracking, production, getting the most out of meetings, leadership, financial or hiring best practices, and other needs relevant to potential customers who serve in a management role within small or large organizations that may be bogged down by processes, bureaucracy, or technical experts with little leadership experience....


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