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Executive Summary
From Mila owned by Jamila Grace and Amelia White is a custom swimwear business that’s products will be sold online. The business will be run from home and is a unique twist to swimwear to ensure the product fits the individual needs and wants of customers. Each swim item can be chosen in a range of colours, sizes, fabrics, prints and designs. The customization of each product means you can choose whatever design of swimwear, any size (so this can be different for tops and bottoms), any print or colour and any fabric from the options available. The biggest goal of the business is to be able to supply for what customers want out of their swimwear and give them options and choice, this will be achieved by having an online customer opinion portal where customers can send in new design ideas etc. to continue to grow and expand options and make the customers feel their opinions are valued and their needs and wants are being met.
The business plans to launch a social media campaign to get the word out of what the business is about and then set up a pre-order system to judge projected sales before the business fully launches. Once the business/website is launched sales will hopefully increase steadily and lend a hand to extending the business into a bigger manufacturing scale. Stock will be kept in popular styles as to keep manufacturing at a steady speed and not fall behind, as sales become steady we will be able to judge what styles, colours, designs, prints etc. are popular and selling well and those which are not selling enough and can be discontinued as to save money.
One of the businesses biggest marketing strategies will be through social media and seeing our swimwear on peoples’ pages, feeds etc. The more popular the brand gets on social media the more the word will get out about our business which will in turn increase sales and shed light on the individuality of our business and service that can’t be found in many other businesses.
Another key point of our business will be the affordability of our product. We want our swimwear to be available to normal, everyday girls and be a part of someone’s lifestyle not be a ‘treat’ or unaffordable. We want this not only to translate in our pricing but our models, anyone, from any background, with any body shape can wear From Mila and with the individuality of our product being its biggest selling point it must be able to work for everyone.
Business Name
The business name is the representing title of the business, this may be a word or even possibly a symbol. The name is the first impression of the business and must be original and memorable so customers remember the business and continue to come back. “From Mila” was chosen...


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