Business Proposal To Start A Medical Consultancy In Bangladesh Ragib Ali College 2017 Essay

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International Medical Recruitment and Training
Brief Business Plan
Dr.Shaker Choudhury
Date: 15.10.2017
Background of the idea:
The need for medical professionals in the UK and around Europe is higher then ever before. (Some stats-quote reference And elaborate). I am a Doctor myself working in the NHS and I strongly believe that there is a way to meet this growing demand. There are a huge number of medical professionals who are willing to come to the UK and Europe to work in the medical sector. These highly skilled international professionals would be able to meet the market demand that is required by the European and UK authorities.
However, it is not easy for some one from another country to find the correct information and guidance to apply for the right opportunity. Even if they are able to make contact with medical recruitment agencies, it is very difficult for them as the recruitment agencies fail to understand their needs and demands. Those agencies might take a professional approach and focus more on the financial side; they fail to address the other needs such as family needs, settlement process, and community needs of that particular applicant. I can relate to these issues because I have been thorough that process. I am an overseas qualified doctor and I had to overcome all the hurdles to work in the NHS as a medical professional.
I always thought that it would be great to have some guidance and help for some one like me who has come from abroad. I did receive lot of help, support and guidance from other senior people in the profession; however, I always felt the need for a place or organisation where I can go and get all the answer to my queries. It would have helped my transition faster and I could have been more advanced with my professional career. I also receive a lot of queries from people who are interested in coming to UK and work in the medical sector. I find it astonishing that there are so many skilled medical professionals who are struggling to find the correct information or the right path. Some of my colleagues from abroad have vented their frustration on struggling to get the right information’s and help.
I strongly believe that traditional recruitment companies or agencies are too professional on their approach are unable to satisfy the needs of people like me from abroad. Only someone, who has gone through the process, passed the professional exams and over came the barriers, can truly help the doctors who might have to go through the same process. I am very passionate about this idea and I strongly believe that we have a great opportunity in applying it.
Business Proposal
The business proposal is to set up an international Recruitment Company specializing in recruitment of Medical Professionals for the UK and EU medical sector. The company would recruit from wide range of backgrounds including Doctors, nurses, medical technicians, at the same time providing training and education for the applicants if necessary....


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