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Although drivers in the United States continue to purchase automobiles, Mazda seems to have problems attracting customers. There was no sales growth in the United States last year. Mazda has distributors worldwide.Mazda has marketed the automobiles worldwide and has made a presence in every country. Robert Davis, a senior vice president at Mazda, told Forbes Magazine (2006) that the company wants to target a specific audience. Bigger name brands like Toyota, Honda and Nissan had a successful year. Consumers know the name and compare features and prices. The increase or decrease of sales that occurred the previous year will lead towards the understanding of whether the ...view middle of the document...

In the ever-changing and unsteady economy presently occurring consumers are looking for price. What the best deal is for the money. Mazda needs to offer the best price for each model (each model targets an economic group) while keeping operating and production costs down. Comparing the Mazda's models, prices and features against Toyota, Honda and Nissan's models, prices and features will be the first step in conducting the research. Finding out the average annual disposable income would provide an understanding of how much consumers have to spend. Concentrating on that feature, Mazda could focus the efforts on improving the models on that price range in order to offer an attractive car which has an attractive price along with attractive features.Attracting new and returning customers will increase sales. This could be accomplished by combining the research into a well designed marketing campaign. The marketing campaign would not only focus on key points but would also trigger consumer's interest.In conclusion, Mazda's sales have been stagnant. In order to revive sales and move the company forward, Mazda needs to conduct research and revise tactics. Comparing models features and prices with successful automobile makers like Toyota, Honda and Nissan will allow Mazda to understand what consumers are targeting. Mazda, in turn, has information which could be used in the production of the next line.ReferencesFlint, J (2006, May 2). Zoom Zoom. Retrieved March 12, 2007, from Web site:

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