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If demands slows in Asda then it means that the business would need to look at just why that as happened. Instead they would first ask the buyers to assess their ranges and just at why they are not selling as well as they should be.
For example with their customers they could be going elsewhere. With marketing data it would be able to show just where Asda is going wrong and where they are losing their customers to and for which products they are losing their customers from.
A full review of the competition would therefore need to take place to identify if the competitors are selling anything different to themselves. For example if they are selling different and more popular products than that would mean that with Asda they will need to react quickly so that they would be able to sell that same products in which would be selling better at the time.
But they would have to make sure that the price is better than the competitions prices and also would have to make sure that the buying item will be questioned as to why they did not sell these products earlier and that means that they could risk losing their jobs if they have not been achieving their targets. If they are not selling anything different than the competition then it could be the offers that are not selling as strong as the competition.
With the marketing team they will also be reviewed to see whether they have the best offers in store and also in their magazines.
They will have to work with the stores in which are the operations in order to ensure that the stock is being displayed well showing all POS in which is the point of sales.
The stores themselves will also be checked by the regional managers and also with the top managers to check that they look clean and tidy and to also make sure that all of their products are available for their customers to buy at any time of the day at all times.
Which therefore means that with the car pars they must also be easy to access and that the trolleys in which are available for customers have an easy and hassle free time to get to them.
This also means that no queues at check outs and it also means that there has to be polite staff making it a pleasant experience for the shoppers too.
Once the range in stores have been reviewed and their sales are still down then that would mean that Asda may then need to act quickly to cut costs down.
If they do not manage their costs well then their business could not make a loss and ultimately close then down. One of the ways in which they can reduce their prices is to cut out a layer out of the management team in the head office as explained above or they could even reduce the number of managers and colleagues in their stores.
This would mean that other members of staff would then need to pick up their roles and be better at them. Because of there are less products to put onto their shelves however then less colleagues will be needed in their stores and also there would be reduce in their...

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