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Researchers in administration and financial matters generally share the presumption that business organization target only on their income, while it is the government's responsibility to give goods to the public. In this view, business organization assumes themselves as financial performing artists, and governments and their state organizations are viewed as the main political character. Under the state of globalization, the strict division of work between the private organization and countries government does not withstand any more. Numerous business firms have begun to expect social and political duties that go out the limits of law and fill the administrative vacuum in global governance. The global economy is affected due to the advancement in the technologies which are creating a massive transformation in the path organizations, and the countries regulate the manufacturing, buying and selling of goods, spends in the capital and manufacture a new commodity and procedure. Complex data innovations allow immediate connection among the far-flung activities undertaken globally. New materials are transformation sectors as different as development and link. Advanced manufacturing technologies have changed the long-standing patterns of production and recruitment.
Globalization is being characterized as a procedure of strengthening of international social collaborations because of lessening expenses of associating between different countries through communicating and the exchange of capital, merchandise, and individuals. This method prompts developing transnational relationship of financial and social activities, growth in the opportunity and risk, and to a severe rivalry. Globalization is increased due to direct investment in foreign, privatization, technological advancement such as transport and communication (Beck and Camiller, 2001). Globalization and technology are necessarily associated in this new decade. As the technology increase, there is massive growth in the global trend. Among these, it has been spread widely, developed faster, more attention on business esteem, more diverse and increase standards (Chareonwongsak, 2002). Due to these factors in the technological advances, the powers of the government has been shifted to the businesses. Even though globalization has few significant problems between the company and government. Transportation technology has improved by eco-friendly and cost-effective to run. Nowadays vehicle has become vital and faster not only for personal use even for business purpose world seemed to be small regarding technology and sustained due to increase in globalization.
In the modern world, we live in an ...


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