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C.S. Lewis Chronicales Of Narnia Analysis (With Topics)

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Topic # 3: Evaluate what seems to you the most important word, sentence, or paragraphin your novel and give reasons for your choice. The Great Lion Aslan speaks to Jill about the quest which she and Eustace wouldgo on in the story, "I lay on you this command, that you seek this lost prince until eitheryou have found him and brought him to his father's house, or else died in the attempt, orelse gone back to your won world." This sentence along with four signs that Aslan says,if followed, will lead to the prince, are the most important paragraph in the novel.Without this insight of the situation, a person will not clearly know what is happeningthrough a good part of the book. The signs ...view middle of the document...

If the story is in Puddleglum the Marsh Wiggle's point of view it would beboring but colorful. The mood with out the third point of view would be distorted, everycharacter looks at Narnia in a different way; you would not really know what ishappening around the story. The third point of view is excellent also for, the maincharacters are not always together, there are actions and situations that you would notknow happen; the story would not be very clear.Topic # 25: Identify the climax of the story and relate the climax to the inciting incident. The climax is when Prince Rilian, Puddleglum, and Eustace fight the evil witchserpent to her death in "the Dark Castle" deep under the ground. Before finding theprince and encountering the witch; Jill, Eustace, and Puddleglum find their way into thecaverns by accident while being chased by the giants. They slide deep down into thecaverns once they find the small entrance to hide from the giants. When they arrive to thebottom of the cavern they encounter some creatures, "What make you here, creatures ofthe Overworld?" The three travelers are quickly taken by the Warden of the Marches ofUnderland, and his one hundred Earthmen. "Many fall down, and few return to the sunlitlands. Make ready now to come with me to the Queen of the Deep Realm." The Queen isthe evil witch; they travel for countless hours if not days to the queen. They arrive at theDark Castle, that is where they find Prince Rilian, the objective of the quest.Topic # 1: Give reasons for a character's behavior. Prince Rilian is enchanted when the three travelers find him. The prince loves thequeen or evil witch and thinks she is the most kind woman to ever live, "I am the morethankful to her for all her infinite bounty to such a poor mortal wretch as I." The princewent after the queen for many years to revenge his mother's death, this he would not sayin the world. Every night the Prince says, "my mind is most horribly changed, and, aftermy mind, my body. For first I become furious and wild and would rush upon my dearestfriends to kill them, if I were not bound." He also describes turning into a great deadlyserpent shortly after. While watching the bound prince that night nothing of the sortoccurs. Prince Rilian actually turns sane, he tells them the whole story and after muchhesitation the travelers set the Lost Prince free.Topic # 5: Describe a difficult situation that a character is in. How would you behave insuch a situation? Probably one of the most difficult tasks in Prince Rilian's life, is when he tries topersuade Eustace, Jill, and...

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