C200 Task 1 Leadership Self Assessment Wgu Essay

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Task 1: Leadership Practices and Analysis 12
Self-Analysis of a Leader
Assessment Code: C200
Student Name: Adalgisa Vergara
Student ID: 001165615
Date: 5/19/2019
Student Mentor Name: Mindy Peral
A. Reflection on Clifton Strength Assessment 3
Achiever 3
Positivity 3
Woo 4
Learner 5
Responsibility 5
B. Leadership Evaluation 6
B1. Strengths in Leadership 6
Decision Acceptance 7
Collaboration 7
Creativity 8
B2. Weaknesses in Leadership 8
B2. Weaknesses of the organization 9
B3. Opportunities of the organization 10
B4. Strengths of the Organization 10
C. Leadership Evaluation 11
Leadership theory 11
C1. Strengths of the leader 12
C2. Weaknesses of the leader 14
C3. Recommended practices to maximize success 17
Tiered Huddles 17
Leadership Town Hall 18
Employee Recognition 18
References 20
Reflection on Clifton Strength Assessment
For as long as I can remember I have been an achiever. So having the strength study locate this attribute as one of my top five is interesting. It is the reason for the successful career that I have shaped through my journey. Since I am always looking for ways to improve or succeed at challenges, I have learned to teach others to do the same. From my role as a child to tried to do the best so my parents would be proud, to raising my own children, this has taught me how to apply it to my daily tasks as a leader. I would not say I am an over achiever, but admire those that are and strive to do the best and teach others how to achieve greatness, as I know I have been rewarded with. Some examples of my accomplishments have been implementing in my organization an employee empowerment program, a patient experience service recovery program and winning The City’s Manager of the Year in 2018. As anyone that knows me would say, this is only the beginning.
This is a characteristic that I have had all my life. I have my parents to thank for this. I was raised in a third world country after being born in the United States, so you learn from a young age to put things in perspective. I am grateful and that sets the tone for each and every day. Being in healthcare from the age of 17, as a receptionist, has helped me take my personality and apply it to my everyday tasks. I face the day prepared for what is to come with a smile. I am happy at all times, even when things seem dark. As I grew into leadership, this trait is what helped me stand out. Everyone who I encounter knows to expect a smile, a hug, a empathetic sigh or a hand to hold. This helps me feel positive, when I know that the employees that report to me see me as more than just their boss. I leave work every day and I know that I have made a difference in someone’s life even if it is insignificant. I am fulfilled every day, some call it blessed.
The Woo is the chance that I get to spread my positivity to the most unexpected person. I encounter patients every day that I have never met and I am s...


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