C200 Task 1 Organization And Leadership Analysis Wgu Performance Assessment

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Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis
Western Governors University
Assessment Code: C200
Student Name: Nicholas Wall
Student ID: 000633206
Student Mentor Name: Robert Lee
Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis
Organization Overview
The organization chosen is the Clover City Fire Department (CCFD), of which I am currently an active firefighter. CCFD is a complete volunteer department committed to protecting the lives and properties of Tooele City. The organization will be discussed as a whole as there are no sub-organizations involved. The leader selected is the Chief of CCFD. The reason that the Chief was selected was to better understand the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Officer. This is a very challenging position, responsible for the oversight and operations of CCFD, the fifty active firefighters of the department, as well as for the public relations commitments to the city.
A1. Organization Description
In this section, an overview will be provided on CCFD. Also, there will be a brief history provided on the department, the objectives of the department will be discussed, and the culture of the department will be covered as well. CCFD is the main fire service located in the heart of Clover City. CCFD consists of 50 active firefighters and over 100 retired firefighters. Included in those fifty members is the command staff which includes the Chiefs, Captains, and Lieutenants. The department is completely volunteer and is currently one of the largest all-volunteer departments in the state of Utah. CCFD provides several public services aside from the emergency response functions. Those services include business inspections, examining building plans, fire investigations, fire prevention programs, public safety education, as well as fire station tours. CCFD can be traced back to as early as 1894 when the City purchased the first hose along with a hose cart. However, CCFD was not formally recognized as a permanent organization until 1919 when 23 charter members officially started the department. The first recorded Fire Chief of the department was appointed in 1914 and the first piece of motorized equipment was purchased in 1914 in the form of a pumper. CCFD didn’t see any official fire apparatus until 1937 when they purchased an American La France engine that had a 500-gallon capacity. CCFD received their first official station in 1956 known to this day as Station 1. From this point forward, the department has gradually purchased new, more advanced equipment as well as established a second station within the city. Currently, the department enjoys state of the art equipment and apparatus, excellent training opportunities, and a city council that is dedicated to providing us with everything we need to be successful.
CCFDs vision is to be extremely dedicated to being the best volunteer fire department that always works as a team to ensure that the community is safe and secure at all times. CCFDs main objective is to...


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