C204 Managing Human Capital Task 1 Western Governor's University Assignment

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Parker Swinford
Western Governors University
Management Communication
Running head: BKM1 - BKM1 TASK 1 1
A. Compose a motivational email to internal staff that discusses two advantages and two disadvantages of the product and explain how to mitigate the disadvantages should they occur.
To: All Sales Personnel
From: Parker Swinford – National Sales Manager
Subject: Exciting New Product Announcement
Good morning and Happy Monday!
It’s my pleasure to unveil to you a massive project that we have been working on here at Weight Loss Solutions, Inc. We have recently purchased Lose It Inc, a company that is well known for its weight-loss supplement, Kamelon. This has been an acquisition that we are excited to announce, and with it comes great opportunity to grow our company! The supplement Kamelon, in particular, has the potential to really blossom with our established customer base and larger capacities in manufacturing.
This weight loss solution, Kamelon, offers a variety of benefits that are great selling points when speaking with potential customers about the product. One of the benefits is the weight loss that the customer may experience when taken correctly. There is a great research study in which Kamelon was proven successful, with 90% of the participants losing 15 pounds! Use this study to your advantage to show that our new product has a high success rate! Another great benefit to Kamelon is the fact that this is already an established product with good results. I know it can be daunting trying to sell a brand new product, but luckily, you won’t need to! Having an established product on our books will help us to gain traction fast on the ground floor, making it easier for you to sell!
As with any great product, there will be some hurdles or setbacks that you’ll need to mitigate. One of these setbacks will be our distribution. We are currently relying on Synesthor Inc, to manufacture the pill casing for Kamelon. We are going to need our production, procurement, and finance teams on top of their game to make sure that we can get our product out without a hitch. If we run into these issues, please have a game plan in place, and make sure that the customer is keeping a little extra stock on hand in case they experience any delays. Another challenge that you will face is one that you have faced with prior weight loss supplement products, and that’s the actual use of weight loss products. There are many studies available showing that these types of supplements are not effective. I have faith in your abilities to remind the customers about the high success rate the research study found.
I want to extend my gratitude to you all for your drive and dedication to this company. This is an exciting new opportunity for us to be able to change the outlook on weight loss products! Please tune in for our official public acquisition announcement today at 1PM Central, and feel free to speak with your manager if you have specific questions!
Best Wishes,
Parker Swinford
National Sales Manager - Weight Loss Solutions, Inc.
B. Compose an informational email to external stakeholders (i.e., investors, shareholders) that discusses two distinct organizational and/or financial impacts the product will create.
To: All Stakeholders
From: Parker Swinford, National Sales Manager, Weight Loss Solutions, Inc.
Subject: Product Announcement
Good morning,
It is with your support, that we unveil to you a massive project that we have been working on here at Weight Loss Solutions, Inc. We have recently purchased Lose It Inc, a company that is well known for its weight-loss supplement, Kamelon. This has been an acquisition that we are excited to announce, and with it comes great opportunity to grow profitability and distribution reach. The supplement Kamelon, in particular, has the potential to really blossom with our established customer base and larger capacities in manufacturing. I invite you all to watch the public announcement today at 1PM Central.
With the announcement of this new procurement, we will be realigning our internal teams to guarantee we have the proper staff working on this new adventure. Some of the top performing sales team will be reassigned to focus on Kamelon, and really grow the new business opportunities we have. This will be an impact to our teams, but I am confident that our capable sales teams will work through the changes and come out on top.
With these changes, we may see a temporary dip in our profits as we work through the realignment of sales staff, and the initial production of Kamelon with our manufacturing partners. This will be made up for once we get the dedicated sales staff trained and out in the field to sell Kamelon. By Quarter 3, our profitability should be higher than previous years. I feel confident in saying that our earnings at year end will be better than previous years.
I want to extend my gratitude to you, the stakeholders, for your faith and contributions to this company. This is an exciting new opportunity for us to be able to change the outlook on weight loss products. If you can, please tune in for our official public acquisition announcement today at 1PM Central. Please contact me if you have further questions.
Best Wishes,
Parker Swinford
National Sales Manager - Weight Loss Solutions, Inc.
C. Compose a consumer-facing blog post that highlights three distinct benefits of the product and informs the consumers what sets this product and/or business apart from others in the industry.
Title: So, You Want to Lose Some Weight?
I think we’ve all been there. It’s right after the holidays, and you decide to step on the dreaded scale to see exactly how much damage you did during those delicious meals. Was the turkey and dressing worth it? Probably. But now it’s time to set that New Years’ Resolution, and get those skinny jeans back to ACTUAL skinny jeans. Get my drift?
Okay, okay. So now you’re feeling good about losing some weight. You have motivation on your side, and nothing can stop you. I found that I can double that motivation by adding in a supplement that is PROVEN to help with that weight loss.
Kamelon is a weight-loss supplement with a research study that proves it actually works! There are a variety of factors that set this product apart from the other weight loss pills you can find on the market, but here are the highlights.
1. Trusted Brand: Weight Loss Solutions, Inc has been around for quite a while, and are already making weight loss supplements that are widely known and used. Kamelon is now being produced by Weight Loss Solutions, Inc, meaning that it’s a product worth buying into.
2. Proven Track Record: Kamelon has already been marketed and used by consumers! There are research studies and reviews of the product that prove it is a viable product with real results. With 90% of the research study losing weight, and 80% maintaining the loss, Kamelon shows that the product actually works, and has the data to prove it.
3. Quality Manufacturing Standards: Weight Loss Solutions, Inc only uses the top manufacturing companies for all the supplements sold. Kamelon is no different. By knowing the suppliers manufacturing needs and expectations, Weight Loss Solutions, Inc is able to guarantee a product that is made accurately and promptly every time it’s purchased.
If the benefits and factors above aren’t enough to sell you on this product, I’ll offer up my own weight loss results for you to look at for extra motivation. I lost 26 pounds in just over 3 months by adding this product into my daily routine. Take my advice, and get Kamelon to help speed up your weight loss and hit your goal size!
Compose a persuasive letter to the business partner to discuss their challenges in meeting your production needs.
April 30, 2019
Synesthor Inc.
1234 King Road
Hollows Howl, MO 12548
RE: Production Needs Challenges
Dear Fatima Sousa,
I have been thinking about the challenges you brought to my attention in regards to our demands for production on Kamelon. While I completely understand the hesitation you have on meeting those production needs, I feel that we need to find a solution that will work for both of us. Kamelon will be a highly regard supplement, and it will have a high demand in which we need to be able to meet. It will cause serious issues to under produce this product and it will put our brands’ reputations at risk.
I have spoken with our Continuous Improvement team, along with our Product Implementation team, and both have agreed to push our initial launch of Kamelon back to August 1st, instead of the initial July 15th launch we had agreed upon. By pushing this deadline back, it should allow an extra two weeks of lead time for you to meet the production needs of 10,000 pills we outlined. Although this will change the structure of our launch date and go to market strategy, we feel like this is a necessary step to take to guarantee that the correct amount of product is ready when we introduce Kamelon.
I really appreciate the communication and transparency we have shared during this project. I know that if this launch is successful, we will have a long future ahead of us. Please contact me with any further communication regarding this matter.
Parker Swinford
National Sales Manager - Weight Loss Solutions, Inc.
E. Compose responses to the customer complaint about the product that was posted on the company’s social media page by doing the following:
1. Develop a public response that acknowledges the customer complaint and improves the company image within the social media page.
2. Develop a direct private message with a proposed adjustment (resolution) for the customer.
Karen- “Kamelon does not work! I’ve been using this for a week, and I haven’t lost anything! I’m going on vacation in a couple of weeks and I was hoping to shed a couple of pounds before I left for my trip. Unfortunately, I do not foresee this happening. No one should buy this product! As a faithful member of several weight-loss groups, I will not recommend this product to anyone in my groups.”
1. Karen, we are sorry to hear that you are not getting the results you expected from Kamelon! Someone on our sales team will be sending you a private message to see if there are any tricks we can offer you that you haven’t tried yet. We’d love to get you ready for that vacation, so please check your messages tomorrow!
2. Hey Karen! This is Scott with Weight Loss Solution, Inc, and I am a Regional Sales Coordinator for the company. I saw on Facebook that you are struggling using Kamelon, and would like to lose a couple pounds in the next few weeks. Would you mind telling me a little bit about what your daily routine looks like with Kamelon? We have some tips and pointers that may get the scale moving for you! If you don’t want to wait on an answer through here, feel free to call me at 1-800-800-0000 to get some immediate assistance.
Evaluate the communication strategies and methods (i.e., email, letter, blog, and social media) used in items A–E by doing the following:
1. Explain how the communication strategies support or do not support the desired outcomes and provide examples to support your conclusion.
2. Explain how the four communication methods effectively or ineffectively serve the target audience and provide examples to support your conclusion.
1. Throughout this exercise, both positive and negative communication strategies have been used. On part A, the task was to draft an internal email showcasing advantages and disadvantages of Kamelon. While the positive portions were written using the direct method, the negative information was written using an indirect method. The disadvantages were sandwiched in between the advantages, and the solutions to the disadvantages were listed out clearly. Although the disadvantages were communicated, the reader was still given positive news with solutions to fix the bad. The same strategies were used on part B, the external letter to the stakeholders. Using an indirect method, the stakeholders were able to read the imminent changes to the structure of the company and any financial impacts that might be experienced, but were reassured with the solution for those impacts shortly following. Both of these emails supported the desired outcomes by conveying the message about the acquisition, and the possibilities that Kamelon will bring to the company. The blog post for part C was mainly a positive and persuasive strategy. It focused on giving the consumer an upbeat, and data driven post in which the research study was mentioned, along with the results of that study. The post grabs the consumers’ attention and interest, creates that desire for Kamelon, and then calls for Action on purchasing the product. This is effective as it’s providing a positive impact to the consumer by seeing real numbers for the supplement. This post gets consumers excited for the product, and shows them that it’s a legitimate, working product, which is ultimately the point of that strategy. Task D has a mixture of positive and negative strategies. The negative is due in part to the supplier not meeting the initial production requirements that Weight Loss Solutions, Inc proposed. It then switches to the positive strategy in which a solution is proposed that should work for both parties. This ends the letter on a positive note, which will help bring about the desired outcome of the supplier accepting the terms. Task E was difficult to steer towards the desired outcome of the customer being happy and promoting Kamelon again. The first part, the public response, uses an indirect strategy, and doesn’t take blame or responsibility for a flaw in the product itself. It gives the consumer a timeline on when they can expect more information from Weight Loss Solutions, Inc, and helps to lay the subliminal messaging that it may be an issue with the consumer and not the product. The second part in Task E is the direct response to the consumer privately. The response still doesn’t take responsibility for the product not working, as there is proven research showing it works. Instead, using the indirect strategy again, the sales rep asks for more specifics on how the consumer used the product, and the lifestyle that was associated with it. From there, the sales rep can recommend any changes or diet modifications that would help the supplement work best. This keeps the company from taking the fall to make the consumer happy, but also allows some help to the consumer to try the product again. By offering a phone number, the consumer also feels like they have the option to get instant gratification and talk to the sales rep at that moment. For all of these reasons, I think that this is a very effective strategy to use for consumer complaints.
2. Using the communication methods of email, letters, blog posts and social media had a variety of effectiveness on the goal of this product launch. The emails to the internal sales team, and the external stakeholders don’t go into much detail, but do direct the reader to tune in to the acquisition announcement. They are mildly effective in this aspect since they are gaining an end result that’s expected. These emails should be followed up with more details on the product launching with in person meetings and sales conferences.
The letter to the manufacturer is effective as it sets a professional tone and keeps the conversation on the record. By setting a professional tone by the formality of the letter, the manufacturer knows that this is a serious issue and will hopefully look over their schedules and make the agreed upon launch date work. The letter method also keeps a permanent record of the exchange, where as emails delete themselves after a time frame.
As for the blog post, this is a very effective communication method. This is a positive focused style that draws in the consumer and creates interest around the product. The style of writing makes this product seem exciting and new and generates a demand to try it. Making a public post also allows the consumer to share the entry, and pass it along to any friends that may have interest in losing weight. The post allows the public to circulate the news, instead of the company having to market it extensively.
By responding to the customer complaint in public and in private, the social media responses were effective. By posting a broad, unspecific response in a timely fashion on the customer’s complaint, other consumers will see a company that cares about resolving a problem quickly. The private message to the customer allows them to feel like it’s personal, and will allow them to openly discuss the issues that they are experiencing with the supplement. Offering tips and pointers will allow the customer to try the product once again, the correct way. The company is able to retain the profit made from the original purchase without offering a refund for the product. This should gain the customers confidence in the product since the company is essentially reconfirming that the product works if used as directed.


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