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Systematic Review RCTs
21 Studies
The use of prophylactic dressing will prevent pressure ulcers.
The studies suggested that using prophylactic dressing may prevent pressure ulcers incidence with a combination of other clinical prevention intervention of pressure ulcers strategy. However,
No clinical studies have proven that one dressing type will be more effective than the other.
Peggy Kalowes
American Journal of Critical Care/WGU Library
366 randomized Controlled group (n=182) Intervention group (n= 184)
The use of five- layered silicone foam dressing reduces the incidence of pressure ulcers
The use of soft silicone foam dressing for high-risk patients with the combinations of other preventative measures to prevent pressure ulcers may reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired pressureulcers.
Santamaria, N.; Santamaria, H.
Journal of Wound Care/ WGU Library
219 Patients
The use of prophylactic dressing reduces the cost of hospital acquired pressure ulcers
According to the studies, using prophylactic dressing to prevent pressure ulcers will lower the treatment cost of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers and decreases the incidence...

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