Cafs Preliminary Study Notes Resource Management Year 11 Community And Family Studies Study Notes

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Resource Manage –ment
Year 11
Core 1
Students learn about:
Students learn to:
fundamental concepts of resource management
defining wellbeing
factors affecting wellbeing
individual and group wellbeing
explore the concept of wellbeing by considering the following questions:
what is the opposite to wellbeing?
how do people describe wellbeing?
why might there be different understandings of wellbeing?
analyse the relationship between the factors and explain how they can impact on wellbeing
discuss the effect that their own wellbeing can have on the wellbeing of the groups to which they belong
needs and wants
defining needs and wants
specific needs
adequate standard of living (food, clothing, shelter)
safety and security
sense of identity
Maslow’s hierarchy
satisfaction of needs and wants
· goal setting
· enhancing wellbeing
describe each of the specific needs and compare the significance of each to different individuals
critique Maslow’s hierarchy and debate its relevance and validity after considering contemporary views on human needs
outline a specific need that is significant to them and explain how goal setting can contribute to the satisfaction of that need
defining resources
specific resources
human, eg energy, knowledge, intelligence, sight, language, skills and abilities, motivation
non-human, eg food, clothing, money, electricity, shelter
interchangeability of resources
resource sustainability (to conserve a resource)
describe a range of resources and explain how they assist in satisfying specific needs
propose how resources could be interchanged to enhance wellbeing in a variety of situations
outline strategies individuals use to conserve human and non-human resources
influences on resource management
factors affecting resource management
personal values and past experiences
factors influencing availability of and access to resources, eg age, gender, disability, culture, socioeconomic status
access to support
· informal, eg relatives, friends, neighbours
· formal, eg government agencies, community organisations
explain how a combination of factors can influence resource management for a range of individuals, including:
a person with a disability
a person who is homeless
a 16-year-old male
a retired aged person
describe how access to support can contribute to the satisfaction of specific needs in a range of situations
personal management skills
planning and organisation
verbal and non-verbal
assertive, aggressive, passive
characteristics of effective communication
decision making
decision-making styles – impulsive, intuitive, hesitant, confident, rational
factors influencing decision making
problem solving
assess the extent to which personal management skills can influence resource management
use scenarios to apply and refine their personal management skills to relevant and contemporary challenges
identify and challenge...

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