Can Men And Women Share Equal Rights Or Is A New Inequality Just Formed Class Essay

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Gender inequality has been a major social phenomenon for a very long time. The discrimination of men and women exits almost in every corner of the world. Questions regarding the cause of the phenomenon remains controversial and uncertain. Does the situation emerge from religious practices or was it a result due to the difference of physical strength passed down from the history during the cavemen era (eNotes, 2018). When men dominated the society, women were being treated unfairly. Women had no authority in decision making, education workplace, voting and many more. As a result of these factors, the term feminism was raised. Feminism can be defined as the quest for the equality of both sexes (The British Library, 2018). Women began to fight for the right to vote, education, health, and many other opportunities. Gender equality issue has been improving over years however, women have not achieved equal chances completely until today. Nowadays, women are proved to perform better in education, however, men are receiving a higher pay in the workplace. Can both men and women really share equal rights or is a new inequality just formed? Gender equality is possible and achievable in the future. This essay will examine the positive future of gender equality in education, position and gender role.
Men and women have equal rights towards education in the UK nowadays as it is not based on gender anymore. During the medieval time, women were not allowed to have access to knowledge and education. Learning was meant for men only. The only condition for women to be educated was to become a nun when they grew up, which in turn, responsible to teach the younger boys to learn (Oxford Summer School from Oxford Royale Academy, 2017). As women began to fight for their rights, in 1870 and 1880, Girton College and Newham College were established in the UK (Simkin, 2017). These are two of the earliest female colleges found in the UK (Simkin, 2017). Since then, Women started to have access to education. However, they were still confined from degree studies and permissions were required for them to attend classes (Simkin, 2017). Although it seemed to be a great leap in gender equality comparing to the medieval time, the circumstances were considered unfair to the female. Revolution of gender equality has never stopped. In the present, both genders have the freedom to education and it has become compulsory for children of both gender to go to school. Gender is not part of the consideration anymore in order for a student to take a professional degree in the 21st century. A range of UK education systems nowadays is designed for a student to enter university through their result or performance in education. The system such as examination and UCAS have no preferences to any gender as the systems assigned certain number IDs for students instead of exposing their names which could lead to tutors being bias. Therefore, create equal chances for students despite their gend...


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