Can Telling A White Lie Be Justified? Northern State University Essay

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If everyone here says we haven’t lied in our lives, I think it’s a lie itself. I used to steal money from my mom’s wallet when I was a kid. And I lied to my mom that my sister stole it. Of course, I got caught and scolded!
People all may have experiences to tell lies to their parents, friends, or teachers. They might tell lies to deceive other people intentionally, to hide their faults to protect themselves, or to gain some advantages for themselves over others.
All of these kinds of lies are bad, and we must not do that; However, sometimes we would try to lie in the name of the white lie. From direct experience case to indirectly, we well know that the effect of the white lie is very important part of our daily life. These ‘White lie’ cannot be used that the only in reason it’s a lie? I think the white lie is right.
Today, I will talk about the definition of white lies, the relationship between white lies and black lies, and the need for white lies through some examples.
White lies have served as a lubricant to interpersonal relationships and a sauce of conversation as a social custom to care for others. In the movie “Monster Call”, white lies are also showed as a social device of empathy. It said, “Human beings are very complex things. You believe in comforting lies. Even though we now the painful truth about having to lie.” Monster’s line serves as a reminder of our “theory of mind” system. Looking at he Italian film “Life is Beautiful” set in World War II, We can see that white lies are “unlimted transparency, broad-minded and deep-seated.” Guido, the father who was taken to the concentration camp by the German army, tells many lies to his son, Joshua, to save him. The father lies to his son that he is here to play a ‘fun game’ to hide the horrendous reality of the camp. Even though Dad was killed, Joushua could be sage. A white lie is a mirror of tears that shines inside of a human being like this.
The following is the relationship between white and black lies. The work of giving color to lies has existed from time to time. The first “white” to be recorded by Oxford English Dictionary has symbolized “moral and spiritual purity” for centuries, starting with the “helpful, innocent, harmless” meaning in 14th century. White lies, used in the English-speaking world to mix with modifiers such as “goodwill.”, “altruistic” and “social”, are defined in OED as harmless, minor lies that use not to hurt other people’s feelings. And there is a black lie that receives the formula of negative adjectives such as “harmful” “selfish” and “caught” in response to white lies. In 2008, Erin Bryant...


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