Can Terrorism Ever BE Justified? - Helen Detwiler Elementary School - Speech

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Terrorism is probably the most dangerous and deadliest issue that the world is facing at 
the present time. A lot of innocent people die and some get severely hurt as a result of multiple 
terrorist attacks. The physical, emotional and moral damages are oftentimes beyond repair and 
people are left screaming for justice. However, it is hard to understand the reasons behind their 
agenda whether it is for the common good of mankind or merely for selfish reasons. One thing 
is certain though terrorism is destructive and puts humans in an agonizing situation. 
Terrorism in its broadest term can be defined as the unlawful use of violence, force and 
threats to intimidate or coerce for political purposes ( It causes a state of fear 
and submission. In most cases, it is inflicted by a person or an organization (terrorists) against 
people andor property with the intention of intimidating societies or governments often for 
political, religious and ideological reasons 
Sadly, nothing is resolved from such evil act. Terrorism is just a manifestation in order 
to voice out or communicate demands and wants that, oftentimes, contradict the laws of the 
government and violates the rights of the people. Ruthless and notorious organizations resort 
to this act in order to threaten and force the government. The shocking truth is that innocent 
people are the ones who always end up as the victims of this injustice. This only proves that 
misunderstandings between two powerful and influential groups of the society have dangerous 
consequences. When one failed to satisfy the other or one had offended the other, a clashing 
of principles can lead to a deathly battle. Force, threats and violence are used as measures in 
order to show who is really more powerful and who is most likely to succeed in its mission. 
Greed, hunger for power and wealth, abuse of authority and fighting for rights and 
principles are just some of the reasons behind terrorist attacks. Regardless of reasons, nothing 
can ever justify terrorism. No particular point or belief is reason enough to resort to terrorism. It 
is not a humane way to communicate, negotiate or express power and authority. There is no 
way to justify an act of terrorism because it violates the rights of the innocent people and 
demoralizes the country that is involved. 
If we read the paper or watch the news on television, we would oftentimes hear the 
words terrorist attack and suicide bombers. Such news causes a great deal of fear among 
people because they know that their safety is at risk. Threats and news that are associated 
with terrorism creates chaos and panic am...

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