Canadian History - Challenges And Changes - Grade 10 History - Assignment

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Challenges and Changes of
Making The New Canadian
- Canada wanted to change their flag in 1965 as the current one (Canadian
Red Ensign) had the British symbol on the current flag which no longer
represented Canada as they achieved its path towards sovereignty from
- Many Canadian war veterans and Conservatives thought it should not be
changed as it had been the flag under the many Canadians who went to war.
- It was challenging to settle and make a decision on changing the flag as many
debates and occured.
- More than 3500 new flag designs were shown and suggested to be used as
the new flag (according to article)
- Finally the government decided to have the flag bold and red with a maple
leaf on it.
- The flag did not relate or influence Britain or the allies. As well as did not
represent as one specific culture or race, it shows multiculturalism and
Challenges and Changes of
the Suez Crisis
- In 1956, the Egyptian President took control of the Suez Canal (a waterway
that links Europe and Asia) over Britain and France.
- This could not allow Britain and France to ship oil from the middle east to
europe. Making it challenging for ships to cross another way.
- During the time, Israel was at war with Egypt. France and Britain decided to
join Israel to attack Egypt so they could gain control of the Suez Canal. The
Soviet also decided to join Egypt and help them keep control
- Because Britain was allied with Canada. It means they would also have to be

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